107 Free and easy self-care ideas: Boost your mental and physical wellbeing

Self-care ideas

No excuses, ladies. Self-care is a MUST. And you don’t need money to make yourself feel good. Self-care doesn't have to be expensive. I have heaps of self-care ideas that cost nothing at all.

There are different types of self-care. Your idea of me-time can be relaxing, running, or rummaging through your wardrobe. My suggestions below cover all forms of self-care to help you prioritize and find your happy place.

Start simple: Create a self-care plan

  1. Get a good night’s sleep - SO important
  2. Feed your soul with healthy food
  3. Go for a walk and get some fresh air
  4. Read a book or watch a good free movie (here are some empowering single mum movies)
  5. Listen to music that makes you feel good
  6. Listen to audiobooks and rest your eyes
  7. Drink enough water 

Move your body

  1. Do yoga at home
  2. Walk a dog. Don’t have one? Borrow your neighbour's
  3. Run, run, run
  4. Dance around the house, get funky, and do some tapping
  5. Ride a bike
  6. Teach yourself to surf
  7. Go to the beach or the local pool, just get in the water

Practice self-care that just makes you feel good

  1. Watch a movie that makes you laugh
  2. Masturbate with your favourite toy
  3. Eat your favourite comfort food
  4. Wrap your hands around a hot drink
  5. Clean your bed covers and enjoy the moment
  6. Do an act of random kindness
  7. Go to bed an hour early
  8. Have a heavenly lie-in
  9. Wear matching underwear
  10. Eat the kids' chocolate (secretly!)
  11. Wear nice clothes - even at home

Pamper yourself with self-care

self-care ideas
  1. Deep condition and/or style your hair
  2. Give yourself a fake tan
  3. Have a nice hot bath with a bath bomb or Epson Salts
  4. Make a facemask or body scrub
  5. DIY manicure/pedicure
  6. Floss your teeth
  7. Burn some aromatherapy oils
  8. Have a shower that is twice as long as usual
  9. Give yourself a massage with a tennis call, like this

Free ideas for better mental wellbeing (cont.)

Be at one with nature

  1. Watch the sunset or sunrise
  2. Go on a nature trail
  3. Taking time to lie in the sun
  4. Do some gardening
  5. Have a picnic
  6. Pick flowers or foliage and arrange indoors (or press them)
  7. Do some birdwatching
  8. Build a sandcastle
  9. Star gaze
  10. Watch the clouds move
  11. Go fishing

Social self-care ideas

  1. Meet a friend
  2. Go on a date
  3. Sign up for online dating
  4. Join Meetup
  5. Catch up with family
  6. Write a letter to someone far away
  7. Skype your bestie
  8. Join a charity

Self-awareness and self-love 

  1. Meditate using the free version of Headspace or Calm
  2. Practice gratitude and self-compassion
  3. Think only about what you are doing in the moment
  4. Have a mental health day
  5. Write a journal
  6. Start a memory jar
  7. Learn some mantras
  8. Write a list of five things you love about yourself
  9. Look through old photos
  10. Do some tapping (emotional freedom techniques)

Self-care routines for the doer

  1. Minimise and unclutter - your home, garden, or mind
  2. Fix one thing that’s annoying you
  3. Do a free online course
  4. Rearrange cupboards and draws
  5. Learn something new - a language or an instrument
  6. Make a vision board
  7. Plan your future
  8. Cook for yourself (here's how to cook for one)
  9. Bake your favourite cake or biscuits
  10. Sell stuff on Gumtree
  11. Organise your handbag
  12. Do one thing you’ve been procrastinating about
  13. Sort your finances, read The Barefoot Investor
  14. Write a poem
  15. Write a book (or ebook)

Self-care practices (cont.)

Creative self-care

  1. Raid the kids' art box and do their stuff
  2. Colour-in
  3. Sew, knit, croquet
  4. Play an instrument, or try at least
  5. Create a playlist
  6. Create a collage
  7. Start a keepsake box
  8. Start some Pinterest boards

Slightly out-there ideas

  1. Rollerskate
  2. Blow bubbles
  3. Sing karaoke or just sing at the top of your voice
  4. Say no
  5. Learn the Pitch Perfect Cup Tapping Song
  6. Turn OFF your phone
  7. Get out of your comfort zone
  8. Take deep breaths
  9. Find a park and ride a swing
  10. Roll down a grassy hill
  11. Write a good review for somewhere you’ve been lately
  12. Unsubscribe from mail lists that annoy you

Last but not least

  1. Play cards, try these one-player card games
  2. Change your screensaver
  3. Update your social media profile
  4. Do an online friend cull
  5. Book a check-up at the doctor to know your health condition
  6. Update your picture frames
  7. Ask for help whenever necessary
  8. Do a puzzle, word search, or crossword
  9. Watch funny animal videos on YouTube

Summary: Why self-care is important

For us single mums, finding time for self-care is as difficult as having a quiet moment in a house filled with kids. Yet, as you have seen above, the best self-care ideas and activities are free and right at your fingertips - no need to break the bank! You can find relaxation by spending time in nature, through journaling, or you can boost your mood simply by getting better sleep.

Remember, self-care isn't selfish. It's okay to take care of yourself or relax when you're feeling down or don't feel like cooking or doing the laundry. Self-care means taking care of your overall well-being, including your mental and physical health. Treat yourself like a queen through these simple joys and recharge, especially when you feel stress and anxiety. Make self-care a part of your daily routine, because a happier you means happier kiddos. So, go ahead, take that bubble bath, and let the dishes wait—because you deserve it.

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