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rediscover your sexuality after a breakup

How to rediscover your sexuality after a breakup

Everything changes after a breakup: plans for the future, your daily schedule, and even your sleeping position. A serious breakup can even distort your sense of self and lead to losing the desire to date anyone new. But you should...
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Vibrator for first time

Sensual suggestions to use a vibrator for the first time

Exploring one’s sexuality is a personal and empowering journey. It’s all about discovering what feels good for you. If you’re considering using a vibrator for the first time, congratulations on taking this exciting step towards self-discovery and pleasure! Embracing sexuality...
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eco-friendly sex toys

Eco-friendly sex toys for sustainable bedroom fun

Everyone deserves some sexy bedroom fun, whether alone or with a partner. But, looking through all those plasticky sex toys online can induce some environmental guilts. For this reason, we’re talking eco-friendly sex toys. Most people are already making more...
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