‘Are you ready to embrace your independence, redefine your path and be the best you can be, all whilst being a brilliant single mum? ’


Restore your single mum llife

Rejuvenate your single mum life

Recapture your single mum life

  • Do you sometimes feel you have lost sight of the ‘real you’?
  • Do you feel your life is out of balance, but you can’t seem to address it?
  • Do you feel stressed about money or find it hard to live on one income?
  • Do you question your parenting and struggle with lack of support?
  • Do you find it hard to make important decisions on your own?
  • Do you struggle to find time for everything and at the end of the day, there’s none left for you?
  • Do you experience loneliness or social isolation?
  • Is your quality of life poor, leaving you unchallenged yet exhausted at the end of the day?
  • Have you put your future dreams on hold while you fulfil your role of single mum?

‘It is time to feel confident and content, happy and healthy, loved and liberated. It’s time to shine.’


Single mum online course

Get private access to our ‘no rush’ exclusive online course software for as long as you need to complete the course.

It will track your progress, remind you where you’re up to and even give you a certificate at the end!

Course Modules

Module 1Module 2
Current situationRedefining direction
Complete a thought-provoking review of the wonderful person you are at this exact moment in time, practically, emotionally and physicallyConsider your current aspirations, identify exciting new ones, deal with decision pressure and identify issues that could prevent growth and progress


Module 3Module 4Module 5
Life balanceTime managementFinancial planning
Review the balance of the main components of your life and effortlessly readdress them to allow you to concentrate on the things that matter.Pinpoint your problem areas and put highly effective and easy-to-use measures in place to magically generate valuable ‘you’ timeUnderstand your current situation and learn uncomplicated processes to live on one income, save money and give you financial satisfaction


Life enhancing
Module 6Module 7
Quality of lifeGoals and aspirations
Quality check your everyday life and make  simple upgrades that help you to ditch the guilt and create happiness, health and well-beingTest your motivation, build a support network and create a successful, fail-safe strategy to capture your future vision for you and  your children


  • Use of our exclusive online course software for as long as you need to complete the course
  • Private login to ensure full security and privacy throughout the course process
  • 28 Guided exercises designed uniquely for single mums
  • 28 Thought-provoking, beautifully designed worksheets
  • Videos to welcome and inspire you throughout the course
  • Some extra gifts just because you deserve them
  • Recommended resource links for further learning and support

‘Happily Ever After comes in many different forms. Let me take you on a journey to find yours.’



The ‘You’ve Got This’ ecourse has been designed by a single mum for single mums. This means every module takes into account the specific challenges that single mums face. The modular design of the course ensures that it’s simple to complete, anywhere, anytime, at any pace. The exercises yield fast results that can be applied emotionally and practically to make real life changes.

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Not at all.  Other than it being written in English the course is beneficial to single mums the world over.  Lucy, the course creator is from the UK and now lives in Australia. There are minimal country specific references.

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All you need is your device – this being a computer, tablet or phone.  You’ll also require a printer for your worksheets. Ideally these should be printed as you work through the course but if this isn’t suitable you have the option to download and print them altogether before you get started.  And, although not a necessity, we recommend a folder for your worksheets.  You will also need an inquiring mind, moments of peace and quiet and a desire for self-improvement.

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It is entirely up to you how long you take to complete the course. There are no deadlines or time restrictions. You are able to do work through the course entirely at your own pace. As a rough guide, it takes two hours to complete each module (of which there are seven). The more time you give each exercise the more you will get out of it.

Not at all. Each module has four exercises and it’s recommended that you try to do each of these in one sitting. However, the nature of the worksheets allows you to refer back to your findings each time you start a new session. This way you’re always prepared for inevitable single mum-style distractions and set-backs.

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Absolutely. You can do the course on any device. But you will need to print worksheets, bonus printouts, resource sheets etc.

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