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Belinda single mum expert

Financial Separation

I’m Belinda, proud single mum to two boys. Having worked as a Chartered Accountant across the globe, I am now the Founder of Divide – Simple Financial Separation. We help couples across Australia who have separated to financially separate in a cost-effective, peaceful manner without using lawyers. Like all single mothers, my life to date has thrown a few unexpected challenges along the way and I’m pleased to say, I have not only survived, but thrived!

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Family Law

We are Carolyn and Linda from New Way Lawyers, Australia’s first non profit law firm. We are committed to providing the best quality legal advice at an affordable price. Our excellent team of 14 lawyers practice exclusively in family and estate law and have helped over 3,500 clients since 2009. We have a strong focus on helping you through every aspect of your separation and provide additional support and encouragement through our client care program.

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Elly Johnson | Beanstalk Single Mums

Truth, Life & Love Coach

Hi, I’m Elly from Truth, Life, Love. I inspire women to unleash their inner Wonder Woman, discover their true potential and harness untapped possibilities. I am a single mum so I totally understand the pressure and the challenges life can throw at us, as well as how messy things can get. I also understand what can be achieved when the decision is made to reboot, grow and create the best life possible. My mission is to help other women see that too.

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