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Belinda single mum expert

Financial Separation

“I’m Belinda, proud single mum to two boys. Having worked as a Chartered Accountant across the globe, I am now the Founder of Divide – Simple Financial Separation. We help couples who have separated to financially separate in a cost-effective, peaceful manner without using lawyers. Like all single mothers, my life to date has thrown a few unexpected challenges along the way and I’m pleased to say, I have not only survived, but thrived!”

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“My name is Leah, aka ‘The Breakup Boss™’. I’m a relationship speaker, coach, author and founder of Honour Your Breakup, a personal development service that empowers women to get their ‘boss-factor’ back after heartbreak. I have developed a 7-step methodology for positive recovery and I write, speak and teach on all things breakup, helping women around the world to use their heartbreak to unlock their own strength, power and beauty.”

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Family Law

I’m Anne-Marie, also known as The Peaceful Divorce Lawyer. I’m an award-winning Lawyer, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner/Nationally Accredited Mediator & founder of Divorce Right. I’m passionate about family and relationships, and work with couples to empower them to reach a peaceful, amicable separation and stay out of court. As a single mum to three I love my work, and am soon to release my book ‘Peaceful Divorce, Happy Kids’.

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