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Belinda single mum expert

Financial Separation

I’m Belinda, proud single mum to two boys. Having worked as a Chartered Accountant across the globe, I am now the Founder of Divide – Simple Financial Separation. We help couples who have separated to financially separate in a cost-effective, peaceful manner without using lawyers. Like all single mothers, my life to date has thrown a few unexpected challenges along the way and I’m pleased to say, I have not only survived, but thrived!

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Helen Slater 6S Coaching

Life Coach

I’m Helen, founder of 6S Coaching. For 30+ years I’ve been helping people embrace change and feel empowered. From clarity on their personal and professional goals, including career planning and getting back into the workforce, to having a positive mindset when dealing with life challenges; from the emotional aspects of separation, to family focus, work commitments, life alignment and everything in between; most of which I have experienced myself, as a single mum!

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Vanessa Hernandez at BT Lawyers

Family Law

I’m Vanessa. I’m the Principal of the Family Law Team at BTLawyers. My approach to working with clients is to understand their unique circumstances and provide them with information, options and solutions. I ensure the relationship between my client and I is one of trust and our team offers  a supportive resource during what is a difficult time. I am resolution focused and work with my clients to reach successful outcomes.

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