10 Mind-blowing vibrators for absolute beginners

Vibrators for beginners

Are you in the market for a vibrator but you’ve never actually used one before? This article about vibrators for beginners is here to help!

Buying sex toys is heaps of fun because there is a H-U-G-E array of choice out there, but, at the same time, it can be overwhelming knowing which particular vibrator is right for you.

So if you’re a sex toy rookie, my list of mind-blowing vibrators for absolute beginners will have you kitted-up and climaxing to your hearts content in no time.

Keep reading until the end because I also provide a list what to consider before picking your perfect sex toy.

My aim is to educate you to find your new best friend and have hours of fun in the bedroom.

Never used a vibrator before? Try these ...

Share Satisfaction Sutra

When it comes to vibrators for beginners, the Sutra by Share Satisfaction is essential. The compact and sleek design is designed for discreet but oh-so-powerful stimulation to send you over the edge every time. Take pleasure to the next level with the clitoral stimulator powered by negative pressure waves. This one is easy to hold and fits in your purse for on-the-go pleasure, and you can enjoy all 5 suction modes with one click.

Share Satisfaction Sutra

Basic Beginners Rabbit Vibrator

Vibrators for beginners like the BASICS Beginners Rabbit look intimidating, but they’re anything but. The double head guarantees orgasm after orgasm: the bunny ears are designed to tickle the clit while the realistic shaft features multi-speed vibrations for internal stimulation and G-spot massage. Easily control the speed with the twist base and have fun in bed and in the shower.

BASICS Beginner's Rabbit Vibrator | vibrators for beginners

Bullet vibrator

Don’t let the unassuming Bullet Vibrator fool you. It’s one of the most powerful vibrators for beginners on our list. Many people swear this little bullet vibe made them come faster than any other. It’s perfect for anyone, not just beginners. It’s waterproof, super easy to control and fits right in your pocket for anywhere stimulation (sitting in traffic, in the cinema, etc.).

Bullet Vibrator

Satisfier Pro Touch Clitoral Stimulator

If you’re one of the many women who need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm, the Satisfier PRO Clitoral Stimulator was made for you. It’s one of the best vibrators for beginners and experts alike. The Satisfyer features completely contactless stimulation with a hollow suction head that encases and tickles the clit. Comes with multiple speeds and non-numbing pulse action.

Satisfyer Pro2 Clitoral Stimulator vibrators for beginners

Mind-blowing vibrators for beginners (CONT.)

The Bodywand

The iconic Bodywand Original Massasger is one of the best (if not the best) vibrators for beginners on the market. This famous and bestselling vibe features a soft, rounded head, one-finger control dial and multiple speeds/vibrations. The head is super flexible to reach all angles and can be fitted with different attachments to fit your mood. Plus it doubles as a massager for achy muscles. What’s not to love?


Womanizer Duo G-Spot Vibrator

The Womanizer Duo G-Spot Vibrator claims to be the most powerful G-spot stimulator on the market. This hair dryer look-alike features an ultra-powerful motor for sucking and massaging the clit while stimulating the G-spot simultaneously for the most intense orgasms of your life. It’s also easy to hold and operate. As for vibrators for beginners, this one is a clear winner.

Womanizer Duo G-spot Vibrator

Basic Beginners Realistic Dildo Vibrator

We love vibrators for beginners like the BASIC Beginners Realistic Dildo Vibrator that lets you experience the real deal. This pocket-sized dildo features realistic details (down to the folds and veins) for authentic vaginal penetration and stimulation. The 5-inch vibe is super flexible and comes with multiple speed and intensities. It’s also small enough to carry everywhere you go.

BASICS Beginners Realistic Dildo

OVO Lay On Massager

The OVO T2 Lay On Massager is a sexy and sleek massager ideal for women who are extra-sensitive down there. The rounded design is comfortable and features light to moderate stimulation to get you in the mood and get you off. You can simply lie on the Ovo instead of moving it around–perfect for when you’re feeling horny but exhausted.

Vibrators for Beginners | Ovo T2 Lay On Massager

Wild Secrets Envy Air Pulse

The bestselling Wild Secrets Envy Air Pulse is as powerful as they come. Powered by the Satisfyer, it features 11 different intensities and 10 vibration settings for the best climax of your life. Envy is super slim and lightweight with a soft silicone body that’s easy to use whether for solo stimulation or sex with your partner. Play in the shower and in bed or take it with you on your travels.

Wild Secrets Envy Air Pulse

What to consider before buying your first vibrator

What is the purpose of your new sex toy?

For many, the purpose of a sex toy is simply for pleasure.

Think about where and how you get most of your sexual enjoyment. For example, do you like penetration, clitoral play, or both? Do you like to lie on your front or your back? Or do you feel horny in bed, in the shower or in the bath?

A vibrator or dildo is an excellent way to get familiar with your pleasure points if you've been a stranger to them for a while.

I recommend something simple and gentle to start. Then, work your way up to a more exciting toy when you know precisely what arouses you the most.

It might also be that you want a sex toy to enjoy with a partner, in which case, see here: 10 Best sex toys for couples to have extra fun in the bedroom.

Size and shape of vibrators for beginners

For me, many vibrators and dildos on the market are too big. But I have friends who think the bigger the better! We are all different, and choosing a toy that is the right size and shape is very personal.

Your adult toy must feel comfortable to handle and fit safely into all the places you plan to put it.

Remember that manufacturers can't create human touch and feel however hard they try. I find a good quality lube will make the experience super comfortable and give you the confidence to explore to your heart's content.

What is the vibrator made of?

Many adult sex toys are made of silicone, but not all. You will also find them created from plastics or even glass!

I recommend silicone because:

  • It's a softer material
  • Kinder to the sensitive regions of your body
  • It feels more like the real thing!
  • Easy to clean

As you are reading an article about vibrators for beginners, you might not know you can get eco-friendly sex toys. These are designed with both pleasure and the planet in mind. They minimise ecological impact and are typically crafted from body-safe, recyclable materials like:

  • Medical-grade silicone
  • ABS plastic

A great option to indulge in guilt-free pleasure while contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.

Does the brand matter?

When it comes to sex toy brands, the big names include but are not limited to:

  • Lovehoney
  • Lelo
  • We-Vibe
  • Womanizer

I tend not to shop by brand alone as you can save money getting a very similar toy from a lesser-known brand.

Having said that, if you are looking for vibrators for beginners, the recognised brands tend to have more reviews, so you can get more details before buying.

Do you need something quiet?

Having a nice quiet vibrator is at the top of the list for many women.

I will tell you now, that when it comes to vibrator noise, they are not all equal.

A partner once bought me a vibrator that was so loud we nicknamed it 'The Jackhammer'!

Check the finer details or specifications of your chosen toy before you buy. Some will boast about how quiet they are. Others may not say, which usually means it isn't super quiet.

I check the reviews as users often mention noise. If all else fails, contact the company and ask them. Most good online adult toy shops have excellent customer service and Live Chat available 24/7.

Do you want to use it in the shower?

What I mean here is: Do you want a vibrator that you can get wet?

Luckily, most vibrators can sustain some water because they need to be cleaned between uses. However, not all are made for water play.

As mentioned above, check the specs, and if you need clarification, ask!

The power source!

Nearly all vibrators are rechargeable now. But you can still get old-school battery-operated toys suitable for travel if you don't know when you can next juice up.

Many modern vibrators come with built-in rechargeable batteries, or the toy itself recharges. They can be charged using a USB cable or a charging dock.

Some of my toys are compatible with my iPhone charger which is super convenient. The problem comes when I have to decide which one I want charged and ready-for-use the most!

Note: Rechargeable vibrators are eco-friendly, as they reduce the consumption of disposable batteries.

How much does it cost?

We all have a price point.

I advise you to spend as much as you comfortably can on a quality vibrator. I speak from experience that you can fall in love with your toy, so you don't want it dying on you in a year.

Not only that, you are purchasing an item that will be used on delicate, private and special parts of your body. It will also be responsible for giving you much happiness through incredible orgasms.

Surely this is worth saving up for?

The price point for vibrators varies from $20 to $900, so do your research and choose one that you love without exceeding your budget.

Check the reviews

If you thought people would be embarrassed to publicly talk about their experiences and love of sex toys, think again.

As with any other purchase, one of the best ways to get the nitty-gritty is to check the reviews. And boy, do these customers love to share! Not only do you get the low-down on the vibrator, but it's highly entertaining to read them.

The reviews are also where you will find details about product performance, such as motion, noise and feel. All of which are super important with a purchase such as this.

Privacy and packaging

I know from experience that if you order from a well-known sex toy shop such as the Adult Toy Megastore or Lovehoney, your order will delivered with the utmost discretion. They pride themselves on beautiful packing delivered discretely.

Be careful if ordering from a bigger department store like Catch or Amazon. I once gave my daughter a parcel that I thought contained her new water bottle, only to discover it was my new BodyWand! Luckily, the wands can be easily passed off as massagers ... but I had to do some fast thinking!

Final words on vibrators for beginners

I hope this article has helped if you are on a mission to buy your very first vibrator.

Take your time to do your research because this purchase could change your life!

Please read through my consideration points above and think about each in relation to yourself. Then start your search. I highly recommend any of the vibrators listed above as a great starting point.

Happy shopping ladies. May you choose wisely and enjoy bedtime alone more than ever before.

vibrators for beginners

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