20 Fabulous foot tattoos for females

Foot tattoos for females

When it comes to foot tattoos for females, the options are endless. From dainty and delicate to bold and badass, there’s a foot tattoo out there for every type of gal.

You might be hesitant to get a foot tattoo because of the pain factor, but trust me, it’s worth it. Sure, it might hurt a little, but the result is a piece of art you can show off whenever you slip on some sandals or hit the beach.

Whether you’re a seasoned tattoo veteran or a first-timer looking for inspiration, I’ve scoured the internet to bring you the best-ever foot tattoos for females.

Best ever foot tattoos for females

Dandelion clock and birds

I’m starting with one of my all-time favourite designs. This beautiful tatt give a sense of flow and movement across the foot. Dandelion clocks represent resilience and rebirth so it’s not just a pretty design by can have a personal meaning too.

Dandelion clock and birds | Foot tattoos for females

Source: Pinterest

Single Flower

If you’re new to trying foot tattoos, this small, single flower is perfect. It’s understated and easy to hide if necessary. It’s also versatile, so you can integrate it into a bigger and more elaborate design when you’re ready.

single flower

Source: @laurarey.art on Instagram


Forgive my ignorance, but is this baby’s breath? Whatever it is, I love this dainty floral tattoo. It has minimal colours, and the direction the flowers flow toward makes the lines of the foot look like the wind. Exquisite and thoughtful.

Floral | Foot tattoos for females

Source: @eva_tattooist on Instagram

Delicate Weed

“Weeds are the things that choose to be persistent despite the reality that they’re going to get pulled.” – (Craig D. Lounsbrough)

For many cultures, weeds are undesirable, but this tattoo is anything but. Aside from representing resilience, this minimalist design makes me feel peaceful. The weed dancing with the soft wind, shown here by the dots, reminds me of a calm spring day.

Delicate Weed

Source: @tatuatornia_esterr_ka on Instagram

Lotus Flower

The meaning of the lotus flower varies from culture to culture, but generally, it is enlightenment and rebirth. For example, for Buddhists, the blue lotus flower signifies the victory of the spirit over the physical body and wisdom over suffering. On the other hand, Indians believe it symbolises the unfolding of the individual and the expansion of one’s soul—such a beautiful meaning for an equally beautiful tattoo.

lotus flower | Foot tattoos for females

Source: @stephaniekpowell on Instagram

Lotus Flower (Black and White)

This tattoo is a gorgeous option if you prefer a black lotus flower instead. Whether you want black because it signifies mortality or because of the aesthetic, this design still encapsulates the beautiful meaning of the famous flower.

lotus flower black and white

Source: @jessica.jexx on Instagram

Sun and Moon

Together, the sun and the moon symbolise two opposing forces: day and night, light and dark, good and bad. They are a popular tattoo choice, and these minimalist patterns are excellent for those who are just starting or want something low-key and impactful.

sun and moon | Foot tattoos for females

Source: @sneakfoot_ on Instagram

Good Morning, Goodnight

These beautiful patterns are perfect if you want your sun and moon to be bigger and louder. The ordinary meaning of this design is good morning (sun) and goodnight (moon), but they also hold importance in different cultures. For instance, the sun in splendour may depict victory and has roots in alchemy and Roman mythology.

sun and moon

Source: @notretattoo on Instagram

Waxing Crescent Moon and Pisces

This intricate pattern of the waxing crescent moon is breathtaking. This tattoo is perfect if you subscribe to zodiac signs. You can most definitely – and should! – use your own zodiac constellation, of course.

waxing crescent moon and pisces | Foot tattoos for females

Source: @devilswalkingstick on Instagram

Sandal Season

Who doesn’t love pretty toes? But, this time, it’s not just your pedicure stealing the show. Instead, these beautiful tattoos dotting your toes will make you love wearing sandals all the time.

Sandal season

Source: Pinterest


I am in love with the way this pattern of the sun, its light, and the stars covers the entirety of the two feet as one canvas. Personally, I’d leave out the Old English text. But I would love to be barefoot all the time if I had this tattoo.

Bad lick never leaves | Foot tattoos for females

Source: @meetyourdestroyer on Instagram

Foot tattoos for females: More ideas

The Beach

Beach bums unite! This tattoo needs no further interpretation: you love the ocean. Period. But I especially love that the owner of this tattoo separated the two elements – the sun on one foot and the waves on the other.

the beach

Source: @eternalarttattooshop on Instagram


This particular design exudes real life because of the shadowing, but you can most definitely use a more minimalist or more maximalist pattern, whichever you prefer. Birds, and by extension, feathers, usually represent freedom and beauty in many cultures. So, a feather tattoo is perfect for the free-spirited, brave, and strong mum that you are.

Feather | Foot tattoos for females

Source: @jaded.tattoo.studios on Instagram

Made on Earth by Humans

Text is another popular tattoo design. This particular design feels like a snark at religious people. But you can 100% use whichever text you want. Most people ink things that have an essential meaning in their life, so a birth year – yours or your kid’s – is a famous option.

made on earth by humans

Source: @lisahermine.tattoo on Instagram

La Vita e Bella

Yes, in spite and because of everything it throws at you, life is beautiful. This beautiful cursive handwriting is an excellent reminder of the ups and downs in your motherhood and personal journeys. Use your favourite phrase for a personalised take. You could even use your child’s name if you want a tattoo to celebrate your children.

La vita e bella | Foot tattoos for females

Source: @tattoosbyjerome on Instagram

Swimming Turtle

Here’s one for the mermaids. It’s perfect for anyone who loves the ocean, saving the seas, or turtles (me!). Also, the drawing and colours of this tattoo have the vibes of a page straight out of a classic storybook.

swimming turtle

Source: @perfectly.polished.steph on Instagram

Bee and Flower

Love bees? Well, you should because they’re a major player in the survival of life as we know it. But this tattoo has a more beautiful meaning. Pollination is advantageous both for the bee and the flower, demonstrating a mutually beneficial relationship – something we all want.

Bee and flower | Foot tattoos for females

Source: @beccambtattoo on Instagram

Puppy Love

Fur parents unite! Display how much you love your adorable pet with this cute and minimalist tattoo. I love how expressive the puppy in this design is, despite having just dots for eyes. Use the outline of your own pet for something personalised.

puppy love

Source: @littlemagicink on Instagram

Cat Print

Can’t get enough of your cat? You may not be a sad old cat lady, but these paw prints are so cute that you’d love them all over you. Of course, it will still work if you love dogs instead of cats or both!

Paw print | Foot tattoos for females

Source: @strawberryinktattoo on Instagram

Mum Emotions

Last on our list of foot tattoos for females. One for the mums! These funny, quirky, and all-so-true tatts represent everything we go through every 24 hours. These are inked underneath, which perfectly illustrates how others don’t easily see the rollercoaster of feelings we endure. For a less dramatic interpretation, what an innovative way to teach little kids about emotions!

mum emotions

Source: @ash.inkd on Instagram

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