Hilarious Halloween decorations in Australia: Our favs (2023)

Halloween decorations in Australia

As the spook-tacular season creeps up on us, it's time to get browsing hilariously haunting Halloween decorations in Australia.

Get ready to laugh and shiver as we embark on a rib-tickling tour of the quirkiest and downright side-splitting décor you can buy.

I've combined the funny and spooky, alongside value for money, to make your home the talk of the town this Halloween.

Green Witch Legs Graver Breakers

Look, a witch has fallen from her broom! Witches are the quintessential representation of this day. That's why these iconic witch legs are a staple in Halloween decorations in Australia.

If your house has one, these will look equally hilarious on a huge flower pot or your chimney. You can even superglue them on the wall or roof to make it look like she crashed into your home. Or if you're feeling particularly gory, leave them on the ground, douse some red paint, and have toy animals gather around them. The possibilities are endless.

Green Witch Legs Halloween decorations in Australia

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No One Leaves Door Decorator

I bet even introverts will hesitate going inside with this … or not. After all, kids do the exact opposite of what you say. They won't be able to resist this bloody threat. With this invitation to the dark side, brave trick-or-treaters will surely flock to your porch. Fill your living room with candy and chocolates so they really don't want to leave.

Of course, you can DIY this one with red paint and get the help of your kiddos with the handprints. But that will mean you will have to repaint your front door after Halloween!

No One Leaves Door Decorator

Get product details here: Big W

Zombie Hand Toilet Frightener

When I was young, I had a fear of a snack coming through the drainage and up the toilet, biting the person doing number 2! Since then, I have always had this subconscious fear that something would pop out of the loo while I was using it. Time to turn that memory into a Halloween prank!

Turn your kids' and guests' innocent restroom break into a shock-horror moment with this toilet seat topper. At first glance, it looks so realistic. Of course, they will laugh once they realise the bloody water and the hand are not real ... but will still feel the tingles while using the loo … because what if?

Zombie Hand Toilet Frightener Halloween decorations in Australia

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Screaming Skull Flower Bed Decoration

Next to witches, skeletons steal the show when it comes to Halloween decorations in Australia and all around the world. They've got this legendary status as the OG symbol of death, tracing back to ancient traditions like the Celtic festival called Samhain. That's when the line between the living and the dead gets hazy.

So, why not install this funny screaming skull in your flower bed for next Halloween? Remember, it's all about embracing the spirit of upholding traditions, even if they're a bit … skeletal.

Screaming Skull Flower Bed Decoration

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Witch Hit A Tree

We all love making fun of these evil witches on Halloween, don't we? Maybe she needs prescription glasses or you should've turned the lights on. But good riddance, because she failed to get the children!

If you don't have a tree in your yard, you can install this funny Halloween decor on a lamp post or a pillar on your porch. Don't forget to leave her broom on the ground - as they say, the devil is in the details.

Witch Hit A Tree Halloween decorations in Australia

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Microwaved Head

When I was a younger, I happened to see the movie Superstition and witnessed the iconic head in the microwave scene. For months, my mum couldn't make me eat microwave meals.

I'm not saying you should deliberately buy this to scare your child from eating microwave meals. But this is one of the most popular Halloween decorations in Australia The idea is so sinister - there are even bloody finger prints denoting a diabolical deed. The creeps will surely linger for quite some time.

Microwaved Head Halloween decorations in Australia

Get product details here: Costumes.com.au

Lifesize Scary Skeletons

Alright, let's talk about those life-sized, spine-tingling skeletons that pop up during Halloween. Who needs a gym when you can get your heart racing just walking past one of these bony horrors? They're like the VIPs of spooky decorations, reminding us that there's a bone-chilling side to the festivities beneath all the costumes and candy.

Plus, they're the ultimate conversation starters – nothing like a good ol' skeleton to spark a Halloween-night discussion about the afterlife, right?

Lifesize Scary Skeletons

Get product details here: Etsy

Sunflower Skulls

Continuing on the skeleton train, I highly recommend these obnoxious sunflower skulls as a DIY project to do with the kids.

If you have time to make these yourself, grab some skulls and plastic sunflowers, glue them together, and presto! You've crafted a spooky butler ready to welcome the trick-or-treat crew.

It's a perfect activity to jazz up your Halloween vibes, and the bonus? Creating unforgettable memories with the little ones.

Sunflower Skulls Halloween decorations in Australia

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Squeaking Rats

No matter how many times I watch Ratatouille, no one can't make me like rats. They're so scary! And I'm not the only one; for sure, one person you know can't stand these rodents. So, what better way to make them scream and run? Put these squishy, squeaky toy rats on their slipper or in the sink for a maximum jump scare. You can even set one to "drop" onto your guests' hands from above.

Squeaking Rats

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Giant Inflatable Window Ghost

Last on our list of hilarious Halloween decorations in Australia is the massive inflatable window ghost. This bad boy gives off the illusion of busting through the glass, but hold up – it's no Casper vibe. It's lit up from within, exposing a seriously vengeful ghost. The coolest part? These inflatables groove with the wind, making this ticked-off ghost seem set to take a windy plunge.

Giant Inflatable Window Ghost

Get product details here: AliExpress

Final words: Hilarious Halloween decorations in Australia

As we gear up for the spine-tingling season, we've explored a range of hilariously haunting Halloween decorations that are sure to add a touch of whimsy and fright to your Australian festivities.

From the comical witch legs and eerie door decorator to the unsettling toilet frightener and the bone-chilling skeletons, each item brings a unique twist to the Halloween spirit.

These decorations offer a mix of laughter and shivers, showcasing the creative ways we embrace traditions and the spookier side of the season.

So go ahead, transform your space into a haunt that will have everyone talking about your Halloween soirée. Happy decorating!

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