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no carve pumpkin

No carve pumpkin decorations for Halloween

It wouldn’t be Halloween without pumpkins, but man are they hard to carve … especially for a non-arty, clumsy families like mine. So how can we incorporate the iconic pumpkin into our Halloween decorations without risking a stab wound to...
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Halloween food

Halloween food that is spookily simple

If you’re hosting a bloodcurdling bash with lots of little mouths to feed, don’t panic. We’ve scoured the web to hunt down the most eerily easy Halloween food to make your guests gasp at your culinary excellence, yet we know...
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kids Halloween costumes

15 Really easy kids Halloween costumes

Are you racking your brain for a creepy Halloween outfit for your little one? Don’t hit the panic button just yet as help is at hand. We’ve hunted down some simple, yet suitably scary kids Halloween costumes that are easy...
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Halloween games

10 Kids Halloween games to play at home

Are you looking for some Halloween fun that doesn’t involve knocking on strangers doors at night and demanding lollies? You are not alone if you prefer to keep your kids safely entertained at home with some Halloween games. There are...
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