15 Fabulous Easter crafts your kids (and you) will love

Easter crafts

With the Easter holidays fast approaching, Easter art could be just the ticket to keep your little ones entertained. And we’re not talking about the complex, disappointment-inducing projects that are doomed for disaster. I’m talking simple, easy, cheap Easter crafts that your children will love.

There are heaps of ideas online ranging from dead easy to have-you-got-a-degree hard. But you can save your searching for the Easter egg hunt as we’ve combed the web to find you the best (and simplest) Easter craft projects in the world.

So grab the glue and get crackin’ with these tried and tested Easter craft ideas.

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Easter crafts your kids will love

1. Felt bunny plushie

If your little ones love plushies, this project will not disappoint. This cute DIY Felt bunny is not only for toddlers but also for tweens and teens (basically kids of all ages!). It's also a fun way to teach them how to sew.

Felt bunny plushie | Easter crafts

By She Saved

2. Stained glass Easter eggs

Easy, yet highly effective, these beautiful stained glass Easter eggs will look fabulous on your windows. Make sure the neighbours can see what a fabulously hands-on mum you are.

Stained Glass Easter Eggs

By Adventure in a Box

3. Footprint carrots

Love, love, love these footprint carrots. Why not do a few and make a carroty pathway along your art wall? Or write on the back and use it as Easter cards?

Footprint carrots | Easter Crafts

By Crafty Morning

4. Painted Easter eggs

The ultimate kids' Easter crafts idea .. painted eggs. It’s a fairly lengthy but straightforward process that will fill an Eastery afternoon. The end result will be worth the effort.

Painted Easter Eggs

By Hello Wonderful

5. Little photo bunnies

Absolutely the funniest Easter craft for kids. These little photo bunnies are a heap of fun to make and will have the recipients hopping with happiness.

Little Photo Bunnies | Easter crafts

By Thriving Home

More Easter art ideas for kids

6. Naturally dyed Easter eggs

Want Easter crafts that will not cost you next week's budget? Try these naturally dyed Easter eggs! You can decorate them with different spring flowers and leaves you can find in your backyard or your neighbourhood.

Naturally dyed Easter eggs

By Green Kid Crafts

7. Easter bonnets for beginners

Be panic-free and prepared for the Easter parade this year. Easter bonnet making is the iconic Easter craft for kids. Check out these eggs-tra special bonnet ideas.

Easter bonnets for beginners | Easter crafts

By MumsNet

8. Spring chick plant pot decoration

If your kids are tired of egg-themed Easter crafts, this spring chick plant pot decoration will blow their minds! This easy chick planter comes in bright colours and cute designs. Your little ones can also use it to collect their Easter candy!

Spring chick plant pot decoration

By Red Ted Art

9. Easter bunny treat jars

Fill up jars with sweet Easter treats and decorate away. This one requires chalky paint, vinyl bunny stickers, ribbon/lace, and pint-sized mason jars.

Easter Bunny Treat Jars | Easter crafts

By Happiness is Homemade

10. Toilet roll Easter puppets

A seasonal craft activity can’t go by without a use for empty toilet rolls. Use yours this Easter to create these super-cute Easter puppets.

Toilet roll Easter puppets

By The Best Ideas for Kid

Kids Easter crafts (cont.)

11. Bunny party hats

Having an Easter party? Make these festive bunny hats with the kiddos. You’ll need pastel cardstock, permanent marker, glue dots and twine.

Bunny Party Hats | Easter crafts

By House That Lars Built

12. Paper plate Easter bunny

The paper plate Easter bunny is an easy craft that toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy. The giant googly eyes turn up the cute meter to 11.

Paper Plate Easter Bunny

By The Best Idea for Kids

13. Mini popsicle stick chicks

How cute and colourful are these Popsicle stick chicks? This uses mini Popsicle sticks that are perfect for tiny hands.

Mini popsicle stick chicks | Easter crafts

By Crafty Morning

14. Cute and easy Easter basket craft

Let your little girl stand out during the Easter egg hunt with this dainty basket. It's cute and easy to make. Plus, she will be so proud that she made it herself!

Cute and easy Easter basket craft

By The Joy of Sharing

15. Easy yarn egg

Have some leftover yarn? Turn it into this colourful Easter decor. Kids will love wrapping the yarn around the egg-shaped cardboard pieces.

Easy Yarn Egg | Easter crafts

By Fantastic Fun and Learning

Summary: 15 Fabulous Easter crafts your kids (and you) will love

With Easter just around the corner, I know how exciting it is to get into the festive spirit with our little ones. I understand how single mums like us desire to create special memories with our kids, particularly during holidays like Easter.

Aside from honing your children's creativity (and keeping them entertained this holiday), these artsy ideas are perfect for spending quality time with them.

Want to know what I love most about doing these Easter crafts every year? Seeing my kids take pride in their creations gives me that warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

I can still remember how my daughters and I started with a simple egg decorating project. In the following years, we got more creative and tried DIY Easter baskets. We used recycled materials and colourful yarn to make each one personal.

There was one time when we made Easter cards for family and friends. My youngest's face would light up as she carefully wrote heartfelt messages and decorated each card with bunny drawings and colourful patterns. It was priceless.

Remember, whether it's painting eggs, crafting baskets, or making cards, embrace the mess and enjoy the moments with your little ones. And even if they’re old enough to make the crafts themselves, they’ll enjoy it more if you join in.

Hugs, kisses, and Easter wishes from Beanstalk.

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