Fun Ideas to Entertain the Kids This Easter

Easter ideas for kids

Easter is one of the most anticipated holidays in the Christian community. It is one of the rare occasions when people have the opportunity to go home, spend some time with their families and loved ones, enjoy a nice meal and have some fun.

Kids also cannot wait until it’s Easter, and not only because there is no school or kindergarten, but because they get to do all kinds of fun things, like painting eggs and searching for the Easter bunny.

However, it’s also important to teach our kids about the real meaning of the holiday and where it originates from. This is why I have a special approach when it comes to Easter entertainment ideas for kids – I combine fun and education, so they can get the best out of both.

I have a 3 year old daughter Emily, who is a big fan of Easter and every other holiday which includes gifts and games for that matter. Each Easter we gather with our closest friends from the neighbourhood in one of the houses, and we throw a party of a kind. There are drinks, a barbeque and lots of fun. Since all of us have kids, we make sure they are also very well entertained each year.

I personally am a big fan of educational games and many of the games I play with my daughter has an educational element hidden somewhere in it.

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Fun Ideas to Entertain the Kids This Easter

Easter Scavenger Hunt

Last Easter we organised a special scavenger hunt for the kids.

We divided them in a few teams, and each team got a grown-up to look after them and make sure the game runs smoothly. After we were done with the preparations and everybody was in the team they wanted to be in, every team got a first clue. Each of the clues contained a short story about Easter (well presented information about the holiday, where it originates from, what are the different traditions about, etc.) and a clue to where they will find the next one. There were 5 or 6 stops during the scavenger hunt, with a story clue on each stop. The team who arrives first to the finish line and finds the Easter bunny (made from chocolate), wins the game.

The game makes the kids move a lot, which means they will have a good night’s sleep, and you’ll have a night off, so double win.

In the end, all the kids had a lot of fun, they all got lots of candy and chocolate, and learned a thing or two along the way. Here you can find useful information about Easter you can use.

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Quizzes and DIY Crafts

This Easter the plan is to create a quiz game for the kids, in order to make those cute heads think and have fun at the same time.

We plan to gather some interesting and generally known facts about Easter, prepare questions for the kids, and give them chocolate and other sweets as prizes for their correct answers.

Singing games is also a part of the plan.

Another cool activity is to do some DIY craft projects with the kids, there’s a lot of coloured paper and glue involved here, so the kids will love it. This website contains many cool ideas you can download.

Have a great Easter everyone!

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