Where to buy cheap school uniform online in Australia

Cheap school uniform online

The new school year of 2023 is looming and the race is on to get everything your kids need for the start of term, most importantly, the right school uniform and school shoes.

I prefer buying school uniform online as we avoid the crowds in-store and there is more size availability. Generally, if I need to return an item, I will take it back to the shop or, if I’m super busy, use the return policy. Most online stores have a simple process to organise a return, and it’s often free. 

I’m pretty sure retailers want us to shop online because they offer exclusive promotions that you can’t get in-store. Keep an eye out for discount codes and specials. Sign up for newsletters so you don’t miss out as the savings are really helpful, especially if you are buying for more than one child. 

Here are my suggestions for buying cheap school uniform online in Australia.

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Where to buy cheap school uniform online in Australia

Big W

As much as I love online shopping, back-to-school shopping is something that I prefer not to spend a lot of time on. That’s why I like stores that have everything or nearly everything that’s on my list.

Big W stocks a wide range of back-to-school items, from school uniforms to shoes to accessories. Their back-to-school stock increases from December, but they have the basics covered all year round: plain shorts, jumpers, jackets, pants, shorts, polos, blouses, shirts and hats.

I like the quality of the clothes that I’ve purchased from Big W and think they are a level-up from Kmart.

Big W | Beanstalk Single Mums

Source: Big W

Blank Clothing

I always have a hard time finding plain tops and bottoms. Thankfully, I found Blank Clothing, a store that sells plain and blank clothes, from hoodies to polo shirts, in every colour of the rainbow at affordable prices (around $20 on average). They also have towels, aprons and hats, which come in handy at school too.

All you need to do is add school patches, monograms, or embroidery – some schools are not too worried about it though, especially if they know money is tight.

Their website claims that they have the biggest range of plain clothing on the market, and I have to say that their actual catalog is quite impressive.


Kmart’s back-to-school deals are too good to pass up, with prices starting at $5 for school uniforms.

Their inventory is not that extensive at around a hundred items listed, but it’s a one-stop shop for shoes, backpacks, hats, hoodies, tops, bottoms, and other essentials at bargain prices. If you don’t have time to comparison shop or check out multiple websites, I would recommend Kmart as you know it’s gonna be cheap.

I recommend using Kmart for cheap school uniform online but only for the items that kid’s go through quickly, like white shirts. Go elsewhere for items that need to be more durable, like jumpers and shoes.

Marks & Spencer

Buying school uniforms from Marks and Spencer is normal for me as I’m English so I was surprised and pleased to see that M&S Australia stocks school uniforms too.

They have around 430 items listed, including shoes, socks, backpacks, and undies with prices starting at $7. Expect to spend around $25+ per item, but I think it’s reasonable considering you’re paying for good-quality clothes that are designed to be worn daily. The fabric is high quality and durable which I expect from M&S.

I also love that there are frequent discounts if you buy more than one item, like the one that takes off 20% when you buy four sweatshirts or leggings.

School uniform suppliers Australia (cont.)

The School Locker

If you are looking for specific school uniforms, The School Locker is one of the best places to shop online. The website is really user-friendly and keeps me calm. You can shop by school, university, and department. You can also filter the results by category, brand, and price. I went straight to the school and filtered by year level to find the items that I needed to get.

Look out for the “Optional” and “Compulsory” tags to see what’s mandatory and what’s not. Prices are higher than generic uniforms you can buy at any store, but that’s to be expected.

School Uniforms Australia

If you’re ever looking to buy school uniforms wholesale, check out the School Uniforms Australia website. The company is a family-owned business that manufactures, supplies, and distributes wholesale school uniforms across the country.

If you’re not buying in bulk, it can be pretty hard to shop because prices are not listed. You need to download the catalogue to see a full list of their product offerings, or you can request a quote by clicking the button on the top right of the page.

I haven’t shopped here personally, but the school uniforms look well-made and durable.

Best & Less

Best & Less has more basic and plain school uniforms at super low prices to compete with Kmart and Big W. A good choice to shop for cheap school uniform online.

From pants and skirts to dresses and jumpers, they have a wide range of choices at affordable prices (up to $30).

I’ve been more than happy with all the items I’ve purchased at Best & Less. The jumpers and pants fit well, the tops are easy to care for, and the coloured shirts are surprisingly fade-resistant after six washes. I’m impressed with the quality and durability, and I also love the 100-day quality guarantee. In case you’re not happy with any of the items, simply ship back your parcel to Best & Less within 100 days of purchase to get refund.

Best & Less | Beanstalk Single Mums

Source: Best & Less


Target is another great website for school uniform. They have uniforms for boys and girls from primary through secondary school.

Their school uniforms category includes uniforms plus accessories, with over 100 items listed. They have all the basics covered and the prices are unbeatable (starting at $5).  The quality is good for the price, but sizing can be hit or miss depending on the item. One t-shirt was a little large compared to a jumper that was the right size.

Overall, I would shop at Target again for things like plain clothing like sports t-shirts and polos.

Where to by school shoes online in Australia

Doc Martins

Don’t you just love Doc Martens shoes? The super sturdy design, the thick soles, and the trademark yellow stitching. I remember my first pair in high school which took me a whole summer to save up for, haha.

I always get my kids regular school shoes, because let’s face it, Doc Martens are not exactly cheap. But recently I caved and bought Mary Janes for my 10-year-old, something comfy and lightweight that would last the whole year. She’s pretty happy with the shoes and so am I. Every design that we looked at is built to last, and this one is no different. It’s great for all-weather wear and great value for money.


Coming from the UK, Clarks is a must for school shoes. You can’t go wrong with over 70+ styles on their list.

Clarks | Beanstalk Single Mums

I’ve been on the lookout for sturdy sports shoes and one of their bestsellers, the Ace Black, fit the bill. They look like trainers but the design is subtle enough to make them all-purpose. The self-fastening velcro strap is a godsend for young kids and will save you hours over the course of a week putting shoes on and off. I consider it a steal at $90 as I’ve seen similar shoes priced at around $150. And the Minecraft collab with freebie didn’t hurt!

Source: Clarks

Shoes and Sox

Shoes and Sox is one of my go-to places for school and everyday shoes. My in-store and online shopping experiences have been great so far, and the staff are always friendly.

Tip: We book a fitting online, go in-store to get correct shoe sizes and then head home and purchase on the website to get the online specials.

They have heaps of options when it comes to styles and brands, the postage is fast, and delivery is free on all orders over $69.

Foot Locker

Foot Locker is better know for adult sports shoes and trainers but they also sell high quality kid’s sport shoes.

There are no black shoes for uniforms, but they have plenty of athletic and casual styles for sports/everyday from brands like Adidas, Nike, Puma, and Vans. The website is well-organised and I had no trouble finding the shoes that I wanted. Most of the items are in the “SALE” category and marked down up to 50%, so you’ll definitely find a good deal here. The delivery fee is $10 per order or free when you spend over $150 in a single order.

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