Peaceful Path to Settlement


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Separating from a long-term partner is never going to be easy, but kids aside, if you can come to an amicable agreement about how to divide your assets and liabilities, you really have most of the battle won.

From this point it’s simply a matter of documenting your arrangement, and the quickest, and least stressful way to do that, is to use a Financial Agreement.

There are two important parts to finalising your Financial Agreement and Property settlement:

  1. Completing the Separation Agreement
  2. Getting the Required Legal Advice

We can show you how to complete your agreement and get the legal advice for under $1887 for both parties – without stress, fuss or engaging combative lawyers.

We call it the Peaceful Path to Settlement!

A little About Us.

RP Emery have helped literally thousands of couples handle their property settlement matters with less stress and at a fraction of the normal cost.

We produce our kits for people who aren’t familiar with family law and separation agreements. The kit includes all the resources you need to complete the template without tearing your hair out.

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