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Japoodah began back in 2015 when a mum of eight children figured out a way to stop her toddler making a big mess when he ate solids.  After some experimentation she discovered a trick that would instantly put a stop to the mealtime mess.  The unique food catching bib she created meant no more messy clothes, highchair, or floor and saved her countless hours of cleaning.  Knowing that there was nothing else like it on the market she decided to open an online store called Japoodah, which was the nickname of the son for whom she made the bib. 

Japoodah now also has its exclusive range of soft waterproof dribble bibs which were also designed by the mum of eight.  The fabric she used made these dribble bibs better than any other one she’d tried.  They were waterproof, yet lightweight and soft.  Her last son was a major dribbler, yet these bibs kept his shirts dry and clean.

Japoodah will continue to add to their range.

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Get any food catching bib for half price. Usually $36, but for Beanstalk mums $18. Enter the coupon code Beanstalk when going through the checkout and the discount will be applied.