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Ditch his name and reclaim your former glory!

Easy Name Change takes the research and paperwork out of changing names. Receive ready to send name change forms, letters and emails in minutes. Just sign and send!

We have researched the name change process for over 500 Australian companies, so it’s easy to know who to notify and check off all your companies. We’ll instantly provide you with ready to send name change request documents and emails. Written in your name, unique for each company, and ready to sign and send.

You don’t need to be divorced – you can go back to your former name in just minutes.

Want a completely different name? We have all the information on legal name change too.

Unlike your ex, it’s guaranteed satisfaction or your money back!

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single mother support



Q: What proof do I need to return to my former name?

A: Simply present your marriage and birth certificates as proof of your former name. You may instead use your Decree Nisi, if you have one.


Q: Can my children change names?

For any person under 18 years, consent must be given by all parties who have legal responsibility for the child.


Q: Can I revert to my former name on all documents, but keep using my married name at work?

Yes, you can change names on all your records and keep using your married name where you like. Or vice versa. Just be sure ALL your records are consistently under one name or it can be difficult proving your identity. You have the right to be known by either name for the rest of your life, regardless of your marital status.