Scientific reasons why orgasms make you so damn happy

Scientific reasons why orgasms make you so damn happy | Beanstalk Mums

We often put time and effort into our physical and mental health, yet so many of us seem to neglect their sexual health!

And I’m not just talking about using condoms or having sexual health checks (though those are also super important!), our sexual pleasure and satisfaction is a huge part of our overall sexual health.

We have gym memberships, daily yoga, juice cleanses and mindfulness apps, yet taking time for our own sexual pleasure is pushed to the side.

I get told all the time that “I just don’t have time to masturbate”, and yes, we are all busy these days! Managing careers, partners and children can make us wish for more hours in the day for sure, but there are so many amazing reasons to prioritise your pleasure besides just amazing orgasms. Though I must admit, having an orgasm seems like a pretty great reason on its own!

Let’s get scientific for a minute, as self-pleasure and orgasms give us a lot more than just the tingles.

Scientific reasons why orgasms make you happy


When we experience an orgasm our brain releases two hormones, dopamine and oxytocin, which together create a hormonal cocktail guaranteed to give us a good time!

Dopamine is the pleasure hormone, we can get it by doing things we love that bring us pleasure generally, but during orgasm we also get boosts of desire and motivation along with all that pleasure.

Oxytocin, or the love hormone as many call it, is also released. This allows a sense of warmth and love to wash over us during the orgasm, and for a while after!

So not only are we feeling a happy motivational buzz during orgasm, we keep feeling that as we start our day. Who needs coffee when we can have a morning orgasm to wake us up! (I’m just kidding coffee, I still love you).

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Who knew sleep could be so hard sometimes?

Whether we have anxieties or racing thoughts keeping us awake, so many people suffer with insomnia or just poor-quality sleep!

Issues with our sleep don’t just affect us in bed either, that exhaustion from tossing and turning all night then seeps into our day. I know I am not a very pleasant or productive person after a night of no sleep, luckily the solution is right at our fingertips (and between our legs!).

Orgasms and self-pleasure is an amazing way to relax our body and put ourselves to sleep. After an orgasm our body fully relaxes, muscles lose their tensions and our minds can quieten. This can lead to some amazing quality sleep!

So next time you’re trying to count sheep or heat up some milk, maybe first try some self-pleasure. One quick little orgasm is sure to knock us right out!


On the same train of thought as our relaxing into sleep, orgasms are a great way to reduce our stress!

Maybe we have a big work meeting coming up that’s stressful. Maybe we’re trying to work out how we can work from home while the kids are trying to do school over zoom and dinner needs to be made. That’s a lot of stress!

Sometimes we don’t have the time for a full hour yoga session to relax the body, and maybe mindfulness apps just aren’t for you. But taking a little bit of time to really enjoy your own body, give yourself some happy pleasurable hormones, will be that relaxing moment you are craving for.

That orgasm is also going to boost blood flow within our brains, actually helping keep our brains healthy! Hour body massage? Amazing. Hour self-pleasure sensation filled with orgasms? Waaaaaaay better.

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Now besides all these amazing scientific health reasons for orgasms, being able to experience pleasure from our own hands is a huge confidence and empowerment boost!

Sexual pleasure is not only something that our partners can give us, sexual pleasure isn’t something that we even need a partner to experience. You are allowed to want pleasure for pleasure’s sake.

Yes, orgasms are good for our health, help us sleep and reduce stress. But they also just feel great!

Masturbating can help us love our bodies, feel more connected with our bodies and actually help us express our sexual wants with a partner in the future. Honestly, I really can’t think of a reason not to be enjoying some one-on-one time with my hand.

Scientific reasons why orgasms make you so damn happy | Beanstalk Single Mums Pinterest

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