14 Clever personal safety apps for single mums 2023

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The best personal safety apps for single mums …

Being a single woman taking on the world is empowering, but there are times when we can feel a little intimidated or scared. Whether it’s feeling safe at home, going on a date or walking home at night, it’s important to feel safe and in-control.

The one thing we always have on our person is a phone, so using an app to provide safety and protection is a no brainer, especially as most are free.

Here is our list of best personal safety apps to give you peace-of-mind on your single mum journey.



Like Circleof6, bSafe is a safety app that lets you create a security network to help out during an emergency or risky situation. You can send an SOS signal to your guardians by pressing a button and they can come get you at your exact location. The app also lets you stream and record emergency video and get a fake phone call for an excuse to leave if you are in a sticky situation.

Available on: Apple and Android devices
Cost: Free but contains in-app purchases
Get this app if: Widening your social circle and meeting new people but want the back-up of family and/or friends

Bsafe | Beanstalk Mums


Next up on our list of personal safety apps is Life360, another GPS powered tool that tracks your friends or family members’ exact location in real time. You can create private groups beforehand and receive alerts when people arrive or leave an area. No more texting ‘Where are you?’ or ‘Are you there yet?’ on repeat. You can also see the location of lost or stolen phones. For drivers, the app connects you to a representative over the phone to help when your car breaks down or you are locked out.

Available on: Apple and Android devices
Cost: Free but contains in-app purchases
Get this app if: You want to track your family or friend’s movements during events that can turn potentially unsafe or risky.

Life360 | Beanstalk Single Mums | Personal safety apps


Especially created in response to personal security concerns that women encounter everywhere, this app is fully integrated with 911 to give you that much-needed peace of mind. UrSafe can be used to keep you safe when meeting a date, sharing a ride, expecting a Nextdoor or Craigslist pick up, travelling abroad, or during emergencies when you enable real-time location sharing to your friends and family … and even law enforcement. There are also specific features for school, military, and realtors. And one more thing: you’ll get notified when someone else is tracking your location.

Available on: Apple and Android devices
Cost: 60-day free trial, then $4.99 for premium ($0.99 for single use) for Android users; no free trial for Apple users
Get this app if: You want hands-free app with specific features for different circumstances and get notified when you’re being tracked.

UrSafe - Personal Safety App

Apps for personal safety when walking alone


Have you ever wondered whether an area is safe? My SafetiPin lets you know. With the help of GPS, this app helps you pick the safest routes based on a location’s safety score. As long as the app is active or enabled, you will receive an alert when you enter an unsafe area and you can have friends or family track you. This app is great if you’re moving to a new house or city or you find yourself in an unfamiliar place. It even lets you rate the safety score of an area based on lighting, security, crowd and other factors.

Available on: Apple and Android devices
Cost: Free
Get this app if: You want to take the safest route to an area and avoid unsafe places

Safetipin | Beanstalk Single Mums


Screaming is an instinctive panic reaction to extreme distress when your life is in danger. While nobody wants to be in this situation, sometimes it can’t be avoided. The personal safety app One Scream addresses this issue by activating a loud siren in response to a panic scream. It gives you 20 seconds to disable the alarm if needed, and after 20 seconds it sends a help message and your location to your friends/family. The app is voice activated and works from inside your bag, so you don’t have to do anything else.

Available on: Apple and Android devices
Cost: Free beta version
Get this app if: You fear for your safety or your child’s safety whether at school or out.

One Scream | Beanstalk Single Mums | Personal safety apps


Another app that sends first responders to help you when you’re in danger, LifeLine Response uses GPS and cell tower triangulation to get your exact location and send assistance as fast as possible with the tap of a button. Even if it’s a false alarm, they will call and check on you to make sure you’re okay. You can get Lifeline Response as an individual or through participating universities, companies or hospitals.

Available on: Apple and Android devices
Cost: Free with in-app purchases
Get this app if: You want assistance from the professionals and you can’t dial or call emergency services

Lifeline Response | Beanstalk Single Mums


Get Home Safe is a free safety app for when you’re travelling, on vacation or just living life. It lets you set a safety timer with details about your plans and alerts your contacts if you don’t check in after the event. The app has real time GPS updates so friends and family know your exact location and can come get you or alert professionals to help.

Available on: Apple and Android devices
Cost: Free 30-day trial, from $6/month
Get this app if: You are frequently out and want a hassle-free tracking and emergency response app

Get Home Safe | Beanstalk Single Mums


Shake2Safety is an Android App that uses the physical action of shaking your device to send a message or call for help. Set it up by adding a phone number from your contacts (police, family member or friend) and activate the app. As long as it’s running in the background, you can shake the device and the app will send a message to the pre-selected contact asking for assistance.

Available on: Android devices
Cost: Free
Get this app if: You feel unsafe and want to contact a friend, family member or professionals without actually sending a message or dialling a number


Personal Safety Apps If You’re Dating


Dating is fun, but with lots of dating apps allowing us to meet people so easily we can end-up in some unpleasant and even dangerous situations. Stay safe when you go out with the SafeDate app that lets you set up an alert for friends or family if you fail to check in after a date. You can add your date plans to the app with location, expected duration, name of your date and other details that will help your friends get you home safely if something goes wrong.

Available on: Apple and Android devices
Cost: Free
Get this app if: You are actively dating and want to be safe

SafeDate | Beanstalk Single Mums


The personal safety app formerly known as Safetrek is now Noonlight. Noonlight alerts first responders when the alarm is triggered, so it’s great for emergencies requiring police assistance or medical attention. Even if you’re just feeling scared, you can tap a button and the 24/7 dispatchers will check on you. They even help you stop accidental alarms. Simply create an account, connect your device or multiple devices and you’re all set.

Available on: Apple and Android devices
Cost: Free basic app, from $5/mo for more features
Get this app if: You want access to first responders in an emergency but are unable to dial 000 or call for help

Noonlight | Beanstalk Single Mums | Personal safety apps


Watch Over Me was born after its founder’s attempted kidnap and rape ordeal. This horrible situation shows just how vulnerable women are in many places around the world, and the app aims to remedy, if not to fix, this broken system. The app lets you set a timer when traveling alone or before a potentially risky event and sends an alert to family and friends when you don’t check in. We like that the app is activated by simply shaking your phone and works even if it’s locked.

Available on: Website
Cost: Free for basic features, $4.99/year for SMS alerts
Get this app if: You are going out to an unfamiliar location or anticipate a potential dangerous event

Watch Over Me | Beanstalk Single Mums

Personal Safety Apps If You’re Home Alone


Snug Safety is a great app for seniors living alone, but also works well for single mums. It’s super easy to set-up and use even if you don’t like technology. Simply sign up with your name and address, choose emergency contacts and set your daily check in time. You receive an inspirational quote when you check in and an alert asking if you’re okay when you don’t. It will also send a message to your emergency contacts.

Available on: Apple and Android
Cost: Free basic plan, $9.99 per month for dispatcher help
Get this app if: You live alone and want peace of mind that comes with daily check ins

Snug Safety | Beanstalk Mums


Last on our list of personal safety apps for single mums is EyeOn App. EyeOn lets you select up to three emergency contacts, set up a check-in schedule and alert your contacts after 30 minutes without a response. The alert shows the battery level of your device and last known location so your friends or family  can act accordingly.

Available on: Apple and Android
Cost: From $2.99 per month
Get this app if: You want an easy way to contact someone in case of emergency


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