Cheap yet life-changing Christmas gift ideas

Brilliant gift giving

With Christmas fast approaching, you may find yourself once again racking your brains for what to buy your friends and family. You want to get them something special. Something that shows you care. Something different .. even a little out there.

Don’t worry if your mind draws a blank.

Whoever it is you are struggling to buy for we have some great present ideas that won’t cost you the earth but could change a life .. in a good way.

Brilliant, life-changing present ideas

The gift of financial freedom

Who doesn’t want more money? If you have a friend who stresses about their financials give them a resource to truly help them. The Barefoot Investor book is life-changing from the first chapter and a simple, understandable starting point for financial freedom. There are heaps of other brilliant finance books including The Richest Man In Babylon and The Rules of Wealth. Just think: Your gift may have a positive impact on your friend’s financial future. Next round is on them.

The gift of kitchen convenience

Convenience equals an easier life. And shortcuts in the kitchen are welcomed with opened arms. Treat your friend to week of less shopping, less food prep and less cooking with the wonderful gift of a meal kit box. Both Hello Fresh or Marley Spoon are excellent and offer great deals on first orders (40% off Hello Fresh at time of writing). Turn-up on the doorstep with this box of delights and you’ve just made your friends week ahead easier, cheaper and tastier. You may even get an invite to dinner.

The gift of self-improvement

There’s always room for improvement in our lives, but rarely will we do anything about it unless someone makes it super-easy for us. There are heaps of personal development courses online to suit all lifestyles. Browse through Udemy and find the perfect course to give as a gift. Prices start from $5 and helpful reviews will ensure you don’t gift a dud. Instead of giving a bottle of wine which may provide instant gratification, give a course which will enhance their life long-term. Which one shows you really care?

Give an online course for Christmas

The gift of peace

Peace and quiet in our fast-paced world is a rare gift .. and one that you can easily give. Sign your friend up and pay a month on a meditation app. Headspace allows you to gift a friend to the value of your choice. Give them a trial of Gaia (only 99c) so they can stream yoga and transformational videos. Or gift a book such as Meditation Made Easy, which will teach them how to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state. The gift of peace is truly golden.

The gift of good health

We all aspire to better health, but sometimes we need someone to kick start the process. Be that person! Find a healthy challenge that your friend will like and sign them up. The Healthy Mummy 28-Day Challenge is perfect for us busy mums and has a huge amount of extra free resources to benefit from. Why not take it a step further and join up too? Reaching goals is easier with another person so you will both benefit. The gift of health is a sign you really care, and lasts way longer than a box of chocolates.

The gift of time

If there is one thing we all want more of in this crazy-busy word, it’s time. So gifting time to someone is really special. Organise some chores to be taken off your friend’s hands so they have more time for the activities they enjoy. You could do the chores yourself (or get your kids to do them!). Alternatively, head to Oz Bargain and search for Airtasker coupons. They can hire someone to clean the house or tidy the garden. You will be seriously in the good books for this perfect present.

The gift of a new relationship

OK, so it may be a tricky area, but some people need a gentle push in the right direction. If your friend needs to get out and meet people, give them a whirl on a decent dating app. eHarmony has a free sign-up but you could gift them a 3-month subscription to get them going. For many, ‘getting back out there’ is hard. So having the initial action taken out of their hands is a relief, and what do they have to lose, right? You never know, you might be buying a gift for an engagement party next.

Cheap Christmas gift ideas

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