10 Unusual but very cool homeware gift ideas

Homeware gift ideas

I'm delighted to share some fabulous homeware gift ideas that will add a touch of magic to your friends and family's homes.

We all know that a house becomes a home when it reflects the personality and style of its occupants. And what better way to help your loved ones transform their living spaces than by surprising them with thoughtful and inspiring gifts?

Whether your friend is a design enthusiast, a cozy homebody, or a green-thumbed gardener, I've got you covered. I'll share my carefully curated selections to suit various tastes, budgets, and preferences.

So, join me on this exciting journey of exploring homeware wonders and finding the perfect gift to help your loved ones spruce up their living spaces.

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Ethical toilet paper

First on our list of homeware gift ideas: an Aussie company asks us to reconsider what we use and leave behind when we wipe ourselves. For your sustainability and environment-conscientious loved ones, this recycled toilet paper makes the perfect gift. The makers of this kind paper also direct a good chunk of their earnings to help more people have access to clean water and toilets.

Ethical Toilet Paper homeware gift ideas

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A robot vacuum

Who doesn't love a little cleaning helper? Gift your friends and family a new robot that can sweep, vacuum, and mop! With four routes to choose from, brushes that will help dust and clean room corners and different surfaces of the floor, and water capacity that can help wipe a room area, this robot vacuum is an excellent homeware gift idea and addition to any home.

Magivaac Robot Vacuum

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Wine glass charms

How often have you said to yourself, "Ooof, which wine glass is mine?" at a dinner party after returning from the loo? A homeware gift idea solution: Jazz up your closest and dearest's wine glass cabinets with these pretty macrame wine glass charms AND help everyone identify their glasses when things get a little buzzed.

Macrame Wine Glass Charms homeware gift ideas

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A cocktail making kit

A homeware gift idea that is perfect for the bestie who loves to make drinks! Gift her this complete cocktail set that is pretty enough to be displayed and mean enough to make you both amazing mojitos.

Tempa Aurora Cocktail Set

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Hide a key poo

Have you ever thought of looking for anything under the doggie doo doo? No, right? Not even in desperation. Well, a company that makes funny objects thought exactly how to take advantage of that. This faux dog poop has a compartment where one can hide their house key. Brilliant .. and lots of fun.

Buster's Poop Hide A Key homeware gift ideas

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BBQ homewear gift ideas

Are you thinking about how you can help Dad up the ante of his great barbies? Something to help him show off his barbecue skills to his friends? Well, a rolling basket perfect for grilling all kinds of meats and veggies evenly might just be the answer.

Rolling Barbecue Basket

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A massager

I'm sure your friends are already at the age of having creaky knees, crunchy backs, and stiff necks. That is why a heated shiatsu massager would be an amazing homeware gift idea for them. Let your loved ones think of you with relief and gratitude when they relax after a long day's work using this portable high-tech massager.

Kogan Heated Massage Pillow homeware gift ideas

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Lava lamp

A home decor perfect for your loved one who is into the space race aesthetic of the 60s! This golden lava lamp is a mesmerising sight and a fantastic homeware gift idea.

Gold Metallic Lava Lamp

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Funny salt and pepper shakers

Look at this. Just look at this! Such an adorable and useful homeware gift idea. I would personally gift these cute salt and pepper shakers to my guacamole-obsessed friend.

Cute and Funny Salt & Pepper Shakers homeware gift ideas

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Storage baskets

Last on our list of homeware gift ideas: this is a gift that anyone can appreciate. Get this set of storage baskets, that are aesthetically pleasing and can hold a lot of items like clothes, towels, magazines, and other knick-knacks, for your loved ones. I think this is also a fantastic moving gift!

Storage Baskets

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Final words

We hope you loved this list of unusual homewear gift ideas. We enjoyed putting it together!

Offering the usual gifts like shopping certificates, towels and silverware is great and practical. But why not aim to give something different and amusing? Not only will yours be a one-of-a-kind gift but it will also put a smile on their face. Win/win.

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