How to blog your life successfully

Successful blogging

9 August 2017

I often get asked about starting a business. It is the ultimate dream for many single mothers. To be able work on their own terms, in their own time, around the commitments of their family.

For this reason I invited Beth MacDonald from Baby Mac on the podcast, to teach us how to blog our lives successfully. Fresh, fabulous and direct from her home in the stunning NSW Southern Highlands, she shared her experiences of owning a blog from way back before Facebook existed, and how anyone can start a successful blog, that could eventually make money.

In this podcast we discuss:

  • Beth’s journey to be become a blogger
  • Why and how to create a distinct, yet natural brand
  • Why anyone can blog, and we ALL have something interesting to say
  • The three main ways bloggers can make money
  • What we need to start a blog, in terms of equipment, software and knowledge
  • How to get great images for your blog
  • How to get into the right headspace to start a successful blog

Listen here …

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