Where to take a single mum on a date?

Dating a single mother

Dating a single mum is not always easy, but it is worth it!

However, you might have to wait until she has a child-free day before you can sweep her off her feet. You may even need to meet her on a random Tuesday night after work if that is the only day she can score a babysitter.

Be flexible and understand it is not always easy for her to drop everything for a spontaneous car cruise through the city. And, never cancel on her because she probably has to plan to get there.

Take your time to get to know her, and choose a venue which reflects her interests. If you aren’t sure where to go on a date, we have compiled some handy tips.

Where to take a single mum on a date

Take her somewhere quiet

A single mum is often surrounded by noise. Kids are loud, so she is loud, which makes them even louder. The word “Muuuuuuum” is screamed 10,000 times a day and every time it sounds like an emergency. She runs madly down the hallway expecting a broken leg but instead they just need a drink of water.

There is always something happening. It could be a “toot toot, chugga, chugga, big red car” or the oinking of Peppa Pig. If you want to impress a single mum on a date, take her somewhere where the volume is turned down low. This could be a nice, quiet restaurant where she can have an hour of grown up conversation. Or a walk along the beach at sunset, without having to juggle a stroller.

Take her somewhere unexpected

Most parents have to sit through a lot of movies for their kids, so it may be best to avoid the cinema on the first date. The dinner and movie date really is fairly standard but it doesn’t allow for much “getting to know you” conversation. If she is short on sleep, she might even start to snore before the previews finish.

Think outside of the box, and take her somewhere she wouldn’t expect. Or somewhere she has never been. This comes back to knowing her interests. If she is afraid of heights, rock-climbing is going to have her running away. However, she might love car racing and a trip to the Monster Trucks might put a smile on her face. Find an upcoming band or take her for a picnic at your favourite spot. If it is unexpected, it will be memorable.

Take her somewhere where there are no kids

On a typical weekend, you will probably find your single mum in a play cafe or playground. Instead of having your coffee date at Maccas or a busy food court, choose something a bit less child friendly.

Find a quaint little cafe or a balcony bar with high stools and a view worth Instagramming. If she has a break from her own children, she will appreciate not having to listen to other people’s.

Take her somewhere where she doesn’t have to lift a finger

When dating a single mum, giving her a night off is sure to impress. Instead of inviting yourself over, create a date where she is waited on. Having kids means being a maid, chef, taxi and personal assistant all in one. Every night she deals with fussy eaters who are starving until they see what is in front of them. Then, they fake being full. Until an hour later, because they want to skip the main course and go straight to dessert.

The bottom of the washing pile is purely a myth and she washes the dishes more times than she washes her face. If you want to impress a single mum, it is pretty simple. Don’t make her cook, clean or organise your next birthday party. Take her somewhere where it is all catered for, or impress her with your own cooking skills. No macaroni and cheese allowed.

Take her somewhere she can let her hair down

Having children means she is always responsible. There is homework, routines and making sure everyone has brushed their teeth before bed. When dating a single mum, give her an opportunity to have a night off from being a grown up.

Again, what she considers fun is going to depend on her personality. Something low key without any pressure is always going to be appreciated. Think about a session of ten pin bowling, dancing lessons or a few simple glasses of wine. Help her relax and let her forget about the impending school fees for a couple of hours.

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Dating a single mum may mean you have to plan your outings, so you need to make the most of your time together. If you are lucky enough to ever meet her children, understand it is a privilege and probably not something she does lightly.

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Anna Wood

Anna Wood

Anna lived the single mum life for a number of years and has an ex who is truly one of a kind. She knows single mamas are some of the strongest women, who come with a wicked sense of humour. Anna hopes her experiences will help other mums facing tough times.

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