Menopause: Signs and symptoms (and how to deal with them)

Menopause is one challenging phase in our lives … to put it mildly! It's the time when women officially bid adieu to their menstrual periods and step into a new chapter. For this reason, knowing what symptoms of menopause can be treated with supplements is super important.

While hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has been the traditional option, I wanted to explore more natural and non-hormonal alternatives. It turns out there are some wonderfully life-enhancing supplements available to help alleviate menopausal symptoms without the potential risks that come with HRT.

In this article, I list down various supplements for managing menopausal symptoms … because we all deserve to feel comfortable and happy in our bodies, whatever stage of life we are at.

So, let’s explore the options available to ease the discomfort of menopause.

What symptoms of menopause can be treated with supplements?

There are plenty of ways supplements can help us navigate the changes that come with perimenopause and menopause. While many supplements take a one-size-fits-all approach, it's important to listen to your own body and figure out what it needs. This way, you can address your specific concerns more effectively. Remember, not all supplements are the same, and what works for one woman might not work for another

Here are my favourite supplements to treat the most common menopausal symptoms.

Hot flushes and night sweats

Hot flushes and night sweats (scientifically known as vasomotor symptoms) are common during menopause. It affects up to 80% of women. Hot flushes cause sudden heat sensations, sweating, and a rapid heartbeat, while night sweats lead to disrupted sleep and make us feel exhausted during the day.

Promensil really targets the hideously hot moments with a potent kick of calcium and Red Clover extract. Simply pop one tablet a day with food. But be aware they take a while to really start working – sometimes around a month. It is worth the wait though!

Promensil | Menopause

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According to a 2018 study, 26% of women going through menopause and perimenopause are affected by insomnia. This can be directly caused by a change in hormones (lower estradiol = poorer sleep). It can also be a secondary effect of other menopause and aging symptoms such as mood changes and lower melatonin production. We all know how important getting a good night’s sleep is!

Swiish has come up with an amazing supplement that helps you naturally produce more melatonin. Sleep Superfood Powder boasts all-natural ingredients, including tryptophan from tart cherries that work better for your circadian rhythm than the usual synthetic melatonin supplements. It is gluten, lactose, soy, and nut-free.

Just mix 1-2 scoops of Sleep Superfood Powder with 1/2-1 cup of hot water or milk and enjoy 20-30 minutes before bedtime.

Wiish Sleep Superfood Powder

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Vagina dryness

Menopause should not equate to a non-existent sex life. Vaginal dryness can be caused by many things during menopause. A drop in estrogen levels occurs during this period which can lead to thinning of vaginal walls, less lubrication, and less elasticity. If you are breastfeeding, going through cancer treatment, or taking anti-depressants, this may also contribute to producing less natural vaginal moisture.

Luckily, OLLY has produced easy-to-take and gluten-free supplements to help us naturally regain vaginal lubrication. Happy Hoo-Ha is exactly what it promises. With just one capsule per day, this probiotic supplement supports a healthy vaginal PH balance and microbiome.

Worry less about painful and uncomfortable intimate moments with your partner with Happy Hoo-Ha!

Olly Happy Hoo-Ha | Menopause

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Irregular periods

Yes, menopause is the time when we start leaving our menstrual days behind. Irregular periods are known to be the hallmark sign of menopause. But it doesn’t mean we have to go through it in a stressful manner.

Suppose you want to maintain the regularity and predictability of your period for as long as menopausally possible. In that case, you can count on Happy Healthy You to provide the best supplements for better and more regular periods. It contains herbs that are tonics for female reproduction. Happy Period aims to regulate your cycle and prevent heavy and painful menstruation. The supplement also helps your mood with Passiflora and Melissa Officinale. Simply take 2 capsules with water daily.

Happy Period

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Joint pain and stiffness

Many women experience pain in their muscles and joints during menopause. Estrogen receptors in our joints help protect our bones and keep inflammation low. Lowered estrogen during perimenopause can cause joint pain and swelling.

For this, I think Swisse does a great job of providing an excellent supplement to help alleviate joint pain and inflammation. Ultiboost Joint Repair helps reduce cartilage damage, promotes bone health, and can even relieve symptoms of mild osteoarthritis.

Take one tablet, twice daily during or after meals.

Swisse Joint Repair | Menopause

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Menopause symptoms that can be treated with medicine (cont.)

Reduced libido

Forgetting how it feels to be sexy, hot, and ready to go is normal during menopause, but it doesn’t mean you have to settle with that feeling. The effects of menopause can easily lower your drive and desire for physical intimacy. Not to mention, as women age, our testosterone (which plays a huge role in our sex drive and sensation) goes lower and decreases our libido further.

Fortunately, Intenza has developed a fantastic dietary supplement that enhances libido and alleviates menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes and boosts mental health issues. With Herbal Ignite for Her, you can look forward to feeling more energised, relaxed, and confident, and with a much better mood, you can regain that sizzle in your life.

Complete Menopause Solution - 2 Months Supply

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General perimenopause

It is becoming more evident that perimenopause is more hard-hitting than menopause itself when it comes to the many symptoms we experience. We can feel tired, anxious, angry and even experience physical pain that stops us in our tracks. No fun at all!

By just taking 1 teaspoon of Happy Hormones, you consume a mind-blowing combination of natural herbs and superfoods. Suitable for women of all ages, this is also a hormone balance supplement designed to support a healthy female reproduction system. Happy Healthy You is also proud to offer a money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the results.

Happy Hormones | Menopause

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General menopause

I’ve also found another fantastic supplement that you will love throughout menopause as you deal with various discomforts that the hormonal changes in your body have caused.

Divine Woman contains a unique blend of mushrooms and herbs, a formula that has been designed to support your reproductive health, fight fatigue, and protect your immune system.

Each ingredient offers an important set of benefits that can heal your mind and body through the difficult days of menopause. Known as ‘adaptogens’, the mushroom ingredients of this amazing supplement help increase your resistance to physical, environmental, emotional, and biological stress.

Divine Woman

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When does menopause occur?

The average age of menopause is 51, but it can show up earlier or later (premature menopause). Menopause is officially declared when you haven't had a menstrual period for 12 consecutive months. 

What causes menopause?

Menopause is primarily caused by the natural decline in reproductive hormone levels, as a woman ages. As ovarian production declines, so does estrogen, which can affect everything from your skin to your bones. That's why menopause can cause health conditions like osteoporosis and an increased risk of heart disease. Yes, menopause naturally ushers in these challenges, but knowledge is power, and there are ways to mitigate them.

Factors like genetics, medical treatments (such as chemotherapy), or surgeries that remove the ovaries can also induce menopause. Premature or early menopause refers to menopause occurring before the age of 40. As the ovaries produce fewer hormones, menstrual cycles become irregular and eventually stop, marking the end of a woman's reproductive years.

What is hormone therapy?

Hormone therapy (HT) is a way to help women manage the changes that come with menopause by replacing the hormones their bodies no longer produce. It's commonly used to ease symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, and vaginal dryness. HT comes in different forms, such as pills, patches, gels, and creams. Many women find that it greatly improves their quality of life. However, it's important to talk with a healthcare provider about the potential risks and benefits, as HT isn't the best option for everyone and may have side effects or increase the risk of some health issues.

Summary: Menopause management

Menopause is a pain in the bum. However, the right supplements can help manage the symptoms. It's important to seek professional medical help when necessary. Remember, menopause may come with its share of challenges, but it's also a powerful reminder of the resilience of the human body. Menopause happens to everyone assigned female at birth, yet how we experience menopause varies greatly. Years after menopause, you might even look back and take pride in your strength and adaptability. It may be difficult at first but know that you're not alone and that this change brings you closer to a new, empowered version of yourself.

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