How much water should I drink during pregnancy

water during pregnancy

Have you ever wondered how much water to consume while expecting a baby? Your body needs water, and being pregnant makes it even more crucial. Pregnancy alters your body, so drinking more fluids each day benefits you and the baby.

But it can be challenging to know what norm to follow or which sources of information are trustworthy when there is so much contradicting advice available on the ideal types of fluid intake during pregnancy.

To help you, we'll go over the basics of how much water pregnant women should consume, as well as some advice on how to drink enough water.

Why Is Hydration Essential During Pregnancy?

Your body runs through a lot of changes throughout pregnancy, as we've mentioned above. You can experience a 30–40 per cent rise in blood volume, for instance. In order to compensate for the excess fluid you are losing and to support good foetal growth, you must thus drink more fluids.

The amniotic fluid is primarily water, which your child needs to grow. To ensure your baby gets enough water, you must drink enough throughout the day.

Dehydration can also result in major side effects like fainting, tiredness, and even labour contractions. Making sure you are drinking enough water while pregnant is crucial for this reason. Your health and the smoothness of your pregnancy can both benefit from this.

How Much Water Should You Drink?

After learning why pregnancy hydration is so important, you may be asking how much water to drink. See your doctor for particular advice.

The Institute of Medicine recommends 2.3 litres of water for pregnant women. Height, weight, and exercise define your needs. Drink extra if you exercise or live in hot weather.

You can also choose various beverages and foods to increase your water intake. Water is abundant in fruits such as oranges. A single orange, for example, can produce approximately 170 millilitres of water. You could also drink herbal teas or soups to meet your daily goal.

Tips for Drinking Enough Water and To Stay Hydrated While Pregnant

Let's discuss some advice for drink water during pregnancy now that you are aware of the recommended daily intake. The following advice is provided:

Invest in a Water Dispenser

Because it's easier to fill your glass with a large bottle of filtered water with a tap, you can drink more. To make drinking water a daily habit, place the water dispenser in a convenient spot in the house.

Remind Yourself With Apps and Phone Alarms

To ensure that you consume enough water throughout the day, try setting up reminders on your phone. You can also utilise applications to remind you to drink water, such as my water balance. You may be able to maintain your water consumption by doing this.

Take a Glass of Water in the Morning When You Wake Up

It could be challenging to get used to consuming more water than usual at first. Start by consuming a full glass of water prior to each meal and right away in the morning. The rest of the day will be more balanced, thanks to this quick recommendation.

Eat More Water-Rich Foods

Hydrate by consuming water-rich meals like fruits and vegetables. If you eat this cuisine all day, you'll drink less water. As mentioned, one orange has 170 millilitres of water, so incorporate some of these foods into your diet.

Avoid Too Much Caffeine

Caffeine's diuretic effects might cause frequent urination and dehydration. Coffee, cola, and energy drinks should be consumed in moderation. To avoid sleep disturbances, avoid caffeinated drinks in the late afternoon.

Keep an Eye on the Colour of Your Urine

Your urine contains a wealth of information regarding your level of hydration. It is a symptom that your body isn't getting enough water if it is dark yellow. If you detect more yellow tones, you should try drinking more water. Try to keep an eye out for any changes in colour.

Conclusion: How much water should I drink during pregnancy

In order to maintain good health, pregnant women must consume adequate water. The wellbeing of both mother and child depends on the mother continuing to lead a healthy lifestyle.

The following tips will help you meet your daily water goal: Remind yourself to invest in water dispensers, apps, and phone alarms.

Drink water in the morning, eat more water-rich foods, restrict caffeine, and check your urine colour.

Hydration will boost your energy and help you lose weight throughout pregnancy. Maintain proper hydration based on the preceding facts. Good luck!

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