6 Fab ideas for a great day out with friends

Day out with friends

Sometimes it’s good to connect with some buddies and plan a good day out.


It’s important for our mental and physical health to relax and have fun.

Spending time with your friends helps to reduce stress, boost your self-esteem and enhance your mood. Plus, it’s great to see your friends and hear how life is treating them.

Sometimes it’s easy to cancel plans when nothing firm is in place and life gets busy. That’s why it’s a good idea to organize a fun activity or day out that you will all enjoy.

You can create memories and spend quality time together that will have a positive impact long after.

Creative ideas for a day out

Depending on what your friends like doing, there are a range of options for a fun day out.

1. The Kentucky Derby

Who doesn’t love a day at the races? It’s a chance to gather for great food and drinks and root for a horse with a creative name!

Tell your friends to mark the first Saturday in May in their calendar. This day is when the race has been run since 1875.

Race-goers tend to dress up for the affair, so choose a glamorous outfit.

Start your day with brunch in Louisville and check the Kentucky derby odds to choose your horses. Then make your way to Churchill Downs for the big race.

Watch 20 thoroughbred horses on “The Run for the Roses” and see who is crowned the winner. Then celebrate at one of the many after-parties that take place throughout Louisville.

2. Hiking

Plan a day out to a national park for a bracing walk or hike. The Shenandoah National Park is a wonderful place to get away from the city with your friends.

If one friend is less confident, then the others can make them feel comfortable. This introduces them to a new experience they may not have had.

Being out in nature is good for the soul. Not only will the spectacular beauty inspire you, but the fresh air will flow through your veins.

The park is located 75 miles from Washington D.C. and takes in part of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Hike along the Appalachian Trail, enjoy the breeze and talk about life.

3. Volunteer at an animal shelter

If you feel like doing some good in the world, then sign up for a day of volunteering at an animal shelter. The day is guaranteed to bring some challenges but also plenty of laughs.

Animals are fascinating and those in shelter need extra care. You won’t be stuck on one task for the day, so there’ll be plenty of variety.

If you haven’t seen each other in some time, volunteering is a good way to strengthen your bond. You might even forge a bond with your new furry friends too.

4. Painting and wine

Who knew this would make such a good pairing? Sipping on a Merlot while painting a masterpiece is a wonderful activity with friends.

These day and evening events take place in many cities so simply choose the one closest to you. You can support each other in creative endeavors and laugh when someone inevitably gets paint on their face.

Painting relieves stress and provides you with a creative outlet. Who knows? One of you may discover an unknown talent.

5. Spa day

When you truly need a break from life, planning a spa day for you and your friends is sublime. You can chat in the sauna and share advice for life as the steam cleans your pores.

It’s a relaxing environment where you won’t feel time pass so it’s ideal for catching up. Spa days have enormous health benefits too, so as you enjoy some pampering, it’s doing extra good.

Why not book a massage or body wrap side by side with your friend? Or get matching mani-pedis in magenta?

6. Go to a show

Why not catch a matinee with friends? There’s something splendid about going to the theater by day.

There’s fun in the planning too. Perhaps everyone picks three shows they’d like to see and then see where they intersect.

There really is something for everyone, such as:

  • The magical ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’
  • Pop sensation Britney Spears’ Musical ‘One More Time’
  • Legendary and long running ‘The Phantom of the Opera’
  • Chic and sexy ‘Chicago’

Dress up, order a drink and some snacks and settle in for an entertaining afternoon. Afterwards you can discuss what you loved (or hated) about the show.

These are just some ideas to do on your friends’ day out.

As we get older, it can prove difficult to make time for friends. However, planning a day out to do something fun together is truly rewarding.

It gives you the opportunity to try something new, without doing it alone. It can stimulate your creativity or give you inspiration.

Most importantly, it can give you encouragement and support even when you don’t realize that you need it.

Day out with friends

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