How to date without losing your hope or mind

How to date without losing your mind | Beanstalk Single Mums Podcast

This one is for all the single mums dating again (or thinking about it) who need guidance to get it right so you don’t lose your mind or lose hope.

You probably know all know the pitfalls, the disaster stories and we all have a friend who has ‘given dating-up as a lost cause’ BUT this does not have to be you. There are ways to get the dating thing right and save on time, weed out the duds, and see the truth to fast-track you to find the perfect long-term partner.

And there is nobody better equiped to shed the light (and the love) than Elly Johnson from Truth Lies & Love.

Elly is a coach, a keynote speaker and an ex-police officer! She started her business almost 20 years ago when she was a single mum. Her expertise is in ‘communications’ with a focus on truth, lies and authenticity.

The cool thing is that Elly also uses her skills to teach women who are navigating the treacherous dating scene. She has combined her professional and personal knowledge and is on a mission to help women have a better dating experience whilst avoiding the liars, the cheats and the time wasters.

How to date without losing your mind or losing hope

In this game-changing podcast, listen to us discuss:

  • How to weed out the duds early on, ideally before the first date
  • What a ‘textationship’ is and how/why to avoid getting in one
  • The most common mistakes us women make when dating, and how to avoid them
  • The importance of the ‘spark’ and other ways to know you’ve found a keeper
  • How values hold such high significance in the dating game
  • Signs to look for that indicate he’s into you, yay
  • How to attract a better quality of man (or someone better suited to you)
  • Elly’s absolute top tips to fast track finding a great partner, whilst enjoying the journey!

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