Play with your kids in their virtual worlds

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Your Kids in their Virtual World

If your kids spend a lot of time playing video games and you think that they don’t get out enough, don’t worry. That doesn’t mean they are doing something bad or spending money on the best Australian betting sites. You can’t force them to be outside – how about joining them instead? No matter how old you are, you can be a part of your children’s virtual worlds and spend time together.

First Things First

First, ask your kids what games they like to play. They may be playing an FPS, RTS, or card game – these are the most popular types of esports. Buy the game they like and install it on your computer. In the beginning, play the game yourself until you learn it: it’s not a difficult task, and you can master it enough in a few hours. Note that you can also use a gamepad if you find it difficult to play using the keyboard and mouse: this option provides a more comfortable controller for some people.

Start the Multiplayer Mode

To play with them, you must use the game’s multiplayer mode and connect to the server your children are playing on. This is often as simple as choosing a server name, but if you get stuck, don’t be afraid to ask your kids for help. Moreover, you will have to be on the same team as them, so you will have to ask them for help anyway. Choose a nickname that won’t embarrass them, and don’t say you’re a “parent” on general chat. In this virtual world, you are a gamer like everyone else, and only your children need to know the truth.

It doesn’t matter if you win or lose: your goal is to have a good time together, so focus on having fun, not winning. You can turn this into a family activity and, for example, play a game together at the every weekend.

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