Help! How do I teach my son to shave?

How do I teach my son to shave? | Beanstalk Mums

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Help! How do I teach my son to shave?

Are you solo parenting with a son? There can be times when a good male role model comes in super handy, especially for things like learning to shave.

But if said role model is not around, and it’s down to you, don’t panic as we’ve got you covered. It can’t be that different to shaving your legs, right? Wrong!

Here are our easy steps to teach your son to shave.

Help! How do I teach my son to shave?


It might be time to teach your son to shave when they hit puberty or the preteen years. Some start to shave as early as 12 or even younger. When you see long hairs pop-up on his upper lip or chin or he gets a peachy fuzz on his face, you can go ahead and teach him to shave. Even if your son wants to grow a beard, tell him that it’s important to shave around the edges to get a clean look.


The best razor is one that is safe and works well on his face. Take him to the store and help him pick out what he wants, just keep in mind that most young men use a manual razor with replacement cartridges or an electric razor when they first start shaving.

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An electric razor can be plugged in or have rechargeable batteries. Some electric razors dispense gels or creams to protect the skin, making them very convenient when you teach your son to shave. Help him pick out an electric razor with a flexible head that follows the contours of his face. An electric razor may not shave as close as a disposable razor…this is perfect if your son has acne as the razor will reduce irritation.

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Whether you get a manual or electric razor, a smooth shave depends on how sharp the blades are. Make sure to change the blades or get a new disposable razor regularly. A dull blade or old razor can irritate the skin and cause rashes. He is also more likely to cut his skin if using a dull blade. Tell him to store the razor in a dry area to prevent bacteria and mould growth.


The best time to teach your son how to shave is after his bath or shower. The steam keeps the skin soft and hydrated so it’s easier to remove hair. If he hasn’t had a bath, teach him to wash his face with soap and warm water and leave it for up to three minutes to open up the pores and soften hair follicles.


  • Gather your materials together: razor, shaving cream or gel, aftershave lotion, basin, and towel.
  • Teach him to apply the cream or gel on the face and lather up.
  • Wet the razor in warm water and shave along the grain of the hair or toward the hair growth. This reduces friction and prevents bumps and rashes. Many guys have facial hair that grows down, so shaving down removes most of the hair. To get rid of the remaining hair, shave gently against the grain or away from the direction of the hair growth.
  • Be patient and don’t rush when you teach your son to shave. Tell him to go slowly and gently over his face and let the blade do the work. Use short, light strokes and don’t press down hard. It’s better to shave over an area twice gently than apply too much pressure and cut the skin.
  • Finally, teach him to rinse his face with cold water and dry with a towel. Cold water closes up the pores and shrinks the blood vessels to reduce inflammation.
  • It will help for him to watch a video first so he understands your instructions.

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Help! How do I teach my son to shave? (CONT.)


Young skin can be very sensitive, so it’s important to choose aftershave or moisturiser that is free of alcohol and strong scents. Get a soothing balm that is made for sensitive skin or acne prone skin.

If he’s heading out, don’t forget to tell him to apply sunscreen to protect his freshly shaved skin.


It’s normal for young men to nick their face and skin a few times when they first start shaving. Use an antiseptic pencil on nicks and cuts to stop bleeding immediately. Then apply soothing aftershave, moisturiser or healing balm to the skin.

If he’s using the right technique and still keeps getting nicks and razor burns, he might need to switch razors. Try a single or two-blade razor that doesn’t shave as close to the skin.


Young men usually shave once every few weeks, a few times a week or once every 3 to 4 days. The actual frequency depends on how fast the hair grows and how dark or thick it is. When he is older, your son will need to shave more often. Your son might not know exactly when to shave at first, so make sure to check from time to time to see that he is well-groomed.

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