Light, compact travel strollers to buy in Australia (2024)

Travel strollers

As a seasoned travel mum with heaps of experience exploring the globe with my little ones, I know firsthand the importance of reliable and compact travel strollers.

Whether you're jetting off to distant lands or road-tripping locally, having a light and versatile travel stroller is an absolute must.

For this reason, I've curated a selection of the finest travel strollers available in Australia. All my suggestions offer effortless manoeuvrability, space-saving foldability, and are designed to make international and airplane travel a breeze.

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What to look for when buying a travel stroller


Wonder Woman, you've already got two or three hand carry bags, one (if that) large luggage, and a tot to tote. That's more than enough lifting for you to regret the days you skipped weights at the gym.

Having the lightest possible travel stroller will help you get through the airport and go up the stairs on your tours more bearable.


I know the feeling: The nerves over bringing a travel stroller that 'might' not be allowed to go on board, requiring you to carry or drag your screaming child through the airport. Or feeling worried when checking in a stroller that could take up more space than you want it to due to its dimensions.

Good travel strollers need to be compact and take up as little space as possible when folded and used. IATA-compatible prams allow you to continue usage beyond check-in and pack it up for overhead cabin storage when you board the plane.

Easy folder

Have you ever needed to fold a stroller with one hand and all your useable body surface, while your toddler is struggling to streak free from your other hand's grip? At a shop entrance or at the parking lot, no less.

Well, you'll find yourself in similar situations when your travelling as a mum. A travel stroller that folds smoothly in a few seconds with a few deft moves will be perfect for you and your child as you take in the sights!


Cobblestone streets in Italy, uneven roads in Bali, rocky hiking trails in England.

You need a sturdy travel stroller that can weather all kinds of surface conditions with you as you see the world with your baby.

Look for strong features such as good metal frame design, durable textile choice, and wheel shock absorbers when shopping for a travel stroller.


It's all in the wheels and framing.

Test out potential choices for travel strollers by wheeling them around the store, and especially around sharp aisle turns. This will help you check the smoothness and turn response of the wheels.

You don't want to be kicking or nudging your travel stroller with your baby in it when the thing starts acting like a busted shopping cart.

Safety features

More than the compactness, weight, and durability, your travel stroller should provide safe rides for your child.

Frame locks, wheel brakes, and security straps, and foot rests must be checked to see if the travel stroller has any parts that might pose injury risks to your child.


Just because they're smaller and less fluffy, does not mean travel strollers should feel skeletal.

An ergonomic design that accommodates and supports comfortable sitting and sleeping postures of your bub is a must. The fabric and padding used in the seat and straps should also be considered.


As with any important purchase, your budget must be considered.

While a higher price point might allow you more luxurious materials and innovative features, you are in no shortage of great travel stroller options at an affordable price.

Below, I will be sharing with you travel strollers I have found and wished I had bought for my kids.

Customer reviews

No matter how impressive the features of a travel stroller you're looking at, it's still important for you to hear what it does for those who have used them.

Read customer feedback by real customers and product reviews by baby care industry experts to know how your travel stroller options roll in the real world. This will make choosing the right travel stroller easier for you.

My pick of the best travel strollers in Australia 2023

Safe-n-Sound Glide Lite Stroller

This one, I think, is a fantastic heavy-duty travel stroller.

With a huge sun shade to protect your child as they sleep under the summer sun, this lite pram is large enough to hold your baby from birth until they are strong enough to walk long distances on their own! Talk about enjoying years of getting your money's worth. While it's not small enough for plane cabin storage, it is compact and durable enough to be checked in along with your luggage, or stored in the car boot for your road trips.

You will also love its braking system and hand tether strap for better safety in steep inclines and crowded places. Oh, have I mentioned it's affordable too?

Recommended for ages: Newborn to 4 years

Stroller weight: 6.5 kg

Safe-n-Sound Glide Lite travel strollers

Buy here: Big W

Bugaboo Butterfly

This butterfly can fly with you and your little one in the sky!

I wish I had this when I visited the US with my kid. The one-second fold feature and the IATA-compatible size allow this stroller to be folded and stowed in the plane cabin, under the dining table, or on the metro's overhead racks in less than 5 seconds. How convenient! That ease is something you'll appreciate even more when travelling unassisted in big cities and busy centres.

While on the pricier end, this travel stroller can be considered a great investment and comes with an extended 4 year warranty, guaranteeing a long service that will see your child grow and explore the world, rain or shine.

Recommended for ages: 6 months and older (up to 22 kg)

Stroller weight: 7.3 kg

Bugaboo Butterfly

Buy here: Bugaboo

Joie Nitro LX Stroller

Another affordable option and perfect for travel, this lite stroller comes with a foldable and removable sun canopy and closes like an umbrella, making it compact enough to endure the rumble and tumble in checked baggage cargo.

It fully reclines to allow your kid to sleep comfortably, has a 5-point harness with shoulder that covers wheel suspension, and uses SoftTouch harnesses- all these come together to make the ride smooth and comfortable, even on uneven surfaces.

Recommended for ages: Newborn and older (up to 22 kg)

Stroller weight: 7.8 kg

Joie Nitro LX Stroller travel strollers

Buy here: Baby Bunting

Ickle Bubba Discovery Stroller

Tres chic! This one caught my eye because of its stylish design. Browsing through its features, it looks just as great as a travel stroller for adventurous mum and bubba.

The leatherette handles and bars make cleaning easy with wipes, the hood viewing window will allow you to check bubba without having to pull the entire hood up, and the bumper bar opens like a gate for easy access when you have to feed and change your baby.

This stroller comes with a rain cover that will allow you to frolic and watch nature together, even when it drizzles. It also has a footwarmer, calf support, ventilated roll up fabrics, and a cup holder to help keep your baby comfortable and hydrated, whatever the weather. For extra safety on bumpy terrain, this mid-priced stroller's front swivel wheels are lockable.

Recommended for ages: Newborn and older (up to 20 kg)

Stroller weight: 7 kg

Ickle Bubba Discovery Stroller

Buy here: Big W

Valco Baby Snap Ultra P Stroller

I would have loved this pram when I still had my car with the small boot.

Loved by so many Aussie parents for being light and compact, this midnight black travel stroller has 3 recline positions. You can prop this one up forward-facing, rear-facing, or the seat completely removed and replaced with bub's car seat! This lite pram can be folded completely without removing the seat it comes with.

It has an adjustable footrest and a removable bumper for your growing child. This is a travel stroller for the long haul.

Recommended for ages: Newborn and older (up to 22 kg)

Stroller weight: 8.2 kg

Valco Baby Snap Ultra P Stroller travel strollers

Buy here: Catch

The Karion Travel Stroller

Last but definitely not the least... An IATA-compatible and wearable 5.5 kg travel stroller.

I know! Watching this travel stroller get folded and unfolded blew my mind and almost made me want to have another baby to put in it.

Fantastic for domestic and international travel, this super lite pram is so compact and small that it can fit in most airline overhead bins. It comes with two carry bag options, which allow you to wear it either as a backpack or a shoulder bag as you go transit through airports and train terminals.

While it might not be able to hold a lot of things in its basket (2 kg capacity), it has fantastic manoeuverability, has responsive brakes on both back wheels, and can be easily pushed with one hand. I just know this is a best friend to a lot of mums who are walking with their family for eternity, it seems, at the airport.

Recommended for ages: 6 months and older (up to 18 kg)

Stroller weight: 5.5 kg

The Karion Travel Stroller

Buy here: Karion Kids

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