What makes a perfect baby gift: 6 Great ideas

Perfect baby gift

If you have a friend or relative welcoming a new baby into the world, you will know that this is a wonderful and magical time for them. You may be invited to a baby shower, to shower them with gifts and well wishes, or you may just want to find something special and meaningful to give to the baby and new mum after the baby’s birth. Perhaps you have a special friend or relative who lives far away and you’d like to send something special to them to celebrate and show your love. This article is for the time-poor single mum who wants to send a special gift to a special someone.

So what makes a great baby gift? As the gifting expert at Baby and Mumma Gifts, I’m here to share a few tips for mums to help make sure you choose something that is wonderful for the new baby and new parents. I make baby gift hampers every day, and I can recommend you some of the best baby gifts, whether you want to buy a baby gift hamper, or just choose a few items to gift to the special new mum or mum-to-be.

Here are the top five items to include in a baby gift hamper or perfect baby gift.

What makes a perfect baby gift: 6 Great ideas

1. Something Practical

Practical gifts are wonderful as you know that they will be used by the new parents. The silver rattles, newborn baby shoes, or full outfits in newborn size might make adorable gifts, but, as seasoned mums, we know these things aren’t practical. Buying something practical ensures that it will be used, and not just sit on a shelf gathering dust. Some of the most practical baby gift items include; nappies, wipes, zip jumpsuits (don’t bother with anything with press studs!), baby skincare products, bibs, and swaddles.

2. A keepsake item

You might also like to think about a special keepsake item for the new baby. This could be anything that the mum or baby would like to keep forever. A special bunny or teddy, a baby book, something with the baby’s name on it, or a special blanket can all make beautiful keepsakes.

3. Something for mum

As mums, we know we can be forgotten often when it comes to baby gifts. Babies are given so many beautiful gifts, while little consideration is given to mums. I always recommend including something special for the new mum or mum-to-be in your baby gift hamper or baby shower gift. Think about things that the new mum needs and what might make them feel special and help with their recovery. If they are breastfeeding, some lactation cookies and breastfeeding supplies will always go appreciated. Bath salts, essential oils, creams and lotions are also great to encourage the new mum to take some time for herself. Anything that helps the mum with her recovery and self-care is perfect!

4. Something cute

Isn’t this the whole point of a baby gift? To be cute? This is a big part of baby gifts. If you’re at a baby shower and give the mum-to-be something that makes her say “aww!”, then you are definitely on the right track. I recommend getting something that is both cute and practical. Tiny little socks, adorable snuggly bunny rugs, and clothing in cute designs (whilst also being sensible for a newborn!) are all super cute but also will be used by the new parents.

5. Something different from everyone else

There are some gifts that many, many people buy for a baby shower or as a newborn baby gift. Receiving lots of books, jumpsuits, or nappies is great, as these will all be used. But there are some gifts that many new mums and mums-to-be receive in duplicates, and they aren’t always things that will be used lots. It seems that many people like to buy babies blankets, teddies, and tiny hats. While these are really cute, and can be lovely if they have some sentimental value, it can be a good idea to avoid them if you aren’t super close to the new mum or mum-to-be, as there are many who want to be the one to buy the special blanket, hat or teddy.

6. A heartfelt message

This is an important one: the card. A lovely message written on the card is a lovely touch that will be appreciated. In your card, you could write some special heartfelt words of encouragement telling the new parents how wonderful they will be. You could also write a message about how excited you are to meet the baby and be a part of their lives. You could even crack some jokes and think of something funny to write in the card.

I hope you found these tips useful in thinking about what to buy for a baby shower gift or gift to celebrate the birth of a new baby! It is a special occasion so very important to find the perfect baby gift.

If you are looking for super practical, cute, with a keepsake item, something for mum, and something different, check out these baby gift hampers from Baby and Mumma Gifts. Each baby gift hamper also includes a handwritten card for you to record your heartfelt message to the new parents. My favourite baby gift hamper is the Signature Mum and Baby Hamper, a giant hamper filled with everything for a new mum and her baby. I hope you enjoy shopping for a gorgeous baby gift!

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