10 Christmas tree colour schemes: Traditional and “out there”

Christmas tree colours

Are you a traditional “red and green” Christmas person? Or do you prefer to lighten it up with some silvers whites? Or maybe you like to try something new each year?

Luckily, Christmas decorations come in a huge array of colours, so whatever your preference you’re sure to find something that screams Christmas to you.

How to choose the right colour for your Christmas theme

  • Are you a traditionalist? If so, stick to the classic colours of red, green and a nice sparkly gold.
  • Is it time for a change or a new-look Christmas? This is great opportunity to try something different. It’s not unheard of to go blue or even pink for a contemporary Christmas look that screams new beginnings and a fresh way to celebrate.
  • Choose Christmas colours that work with your home style. If you have a modern minimalist home, your decs can be strikingly simple. If your home is more classic and/or rustic, it’s a great opportunity to embrace a quintessential Christmas card look.
  • If you are renting a property this Christmas and might be living elsewhere next Christmas, we recommend more neutral colours that will work in any surroundings.
  • Go with your gut and pick a Christmas decoration style and colours that you love. Not sure what that is right now? Head to a shop with a big Christmas display and see what you feel drawn to.

If you’re still not sure which way to go, here are some ideas for Christmas tree colour schemes, both traditional and “out there”.

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Christmas colours for your tree

Merry and bright

When it comes to Christmas tree colour schemes, ‘merry and bright’ is fun and traditional. Indulge your love of colour this season with bright tinsel, decor and metallic ornaments but keep the shades coordinated for a uniform look.

Merry and Bright | Christmas colours

Source: Jonathan Stiers

White Christmas

Dreaming of a white Christmas? Not only is white super stylish but it’s completely neutral so if you move house it will work with your new decor. You can easily add a new colour if you’re feeling like a splash of Christmas colour one year.

White Christmas

Source: MyDomain

Keep it classic

Classic Christmas tree colour schemes will always be in style. Think red, white and green with plenty of warm yellow string lights. Complete the look with a bunch of gifts wrapped in peppermint patterns.

Keep it classic | Christmas colours

Source: Martha Stewart

Why not purple?

Purple is a beautiful colour with royal associations. Why not try a purple tree this Christmas? It can be simple and elegant (green tree with purple lights and decor) or loud and over the top.

Why not purple

Source: Pinterest

“All that shines" silver tree

Don’t you just love silver Christmas tree colour schemes? Silver is both understated and dramatic at the same time. The tree below is greyish silver with subtle decorations in grey and pale gold.

All That Shines Silver Tree | Christmas colours

Source: Pinterest

Christmas tree colour schemes (cont.)

Have a gay pride Christmas

Well, really it’s just the colours of the rainbow, and why not use them all for Christmas? It’s a great choice if you just can’t decide and it looks really effective on your tree too.

Gay Pride Christmas Tree

Source: Pinterest

Pretty in pink (and rose gold)

Pink Christmas tree colour schemes are beautiful and feminine. And little girls love them! For a grownup version, choose subtle rose gold accents on a light green, white or grey tree.

Pretty In Pink Christmas Tree | Christmas colours

Source: Flickr

Nice and natural

Natural Christmas tree colour schemes remind us of Nordic winters and blazing fireplaces. A real tree (not plastic) and one or two colours work best for this trendy look. Trim the tree with wooden decorations and hand-painted ornaments.

Nice and natural

Source: Curated Interior

A pastel coloured Christmas

If you love colours but prefer muted shades, try a pastel Christmas tree this December. Pale pink, green and blue ornaments on a white or silver tree work great. If you have a green tree, keep the decorations light and add lots of string lights.

Pastel Coloured Christmas Tree | Christmas colours

Source: Decoholic

Blue and white delight

Blue and white Christmas tree colour schemes look amazing in any room. This is easy to pull off and works with green or white trees. Use one or two shades of blue with a white accent colour to keep things coordinated.

Blue and White Delight

Source: Decoholic

Final thoughts on Christmas colours for your tree this year

In the colourful tapestry of Christmas tree decorating, the choices are as diverse as the ornaments themselves.

Are you a die-hard traditionalist, sticking to the classic red and green? Or do you prefer a modern twist with silvers and whites? Perhaps you're feeling adventurous, ready to embrace a new colour scheme each year?

The beauty of Christmas lies in its ability to adapt to your personal style.

Fortunately, the world of Christmas decorations offers a rainbow of choices to suit every taste. From timeless reds and greens for the classic aficionado to contemporary blues and pinks for those craving something fresh, the options are endless. Your home's style should guide your choices, whether you opt for minimalist chic or quintessential Christmas card charm.

So, how do you choose the perfect Christmas colour scheme? Follow your heart, explore your local stores, and let your instincts guide you. And if you're still undecided, we've provided a smorgasbord of ideas, from merry and bright to elegant purples, from rainbow celebrations to pretty pastels.

Remember, the key to the perfect Christmas tree colour scheme is to make it your own. Whether you're rocking red or diving into a sea of blue, let your tree reflect your holiday spirit with style and panache.

Happy decorating everyone!

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