50+ Gift ideas for mums (sisters, aunties and girlfriends) 2023

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Women are a pretty easy bunch to buy for. But it’s nice to take it up a notch and get something a bit special or different. Cue: This article with gifts ideas for mums.

Whatever the occasion (hell, does there even need to be one!) we have some great gift ideas for mums, sisters, aunties, girls or any other wonderful women in your life.

And, just to keep you on track, here are some pointers to consider before you buy for your fabulous female.

What to think about before you buy for the lady in your life

  • What does she like doing most in the world? Buy her something to help her do that! Maybe a good book to read, a voucher to her fav restaurant, or a silk eye mask if she is a mum and her favourite pastime is sleeping!
  • Has she hinted at something she might like? Us women are very good at doing that … listen hard.
  • Is there something she has always wanted to do but has never got around to. Perhaps she wants to be more green fingered? In which case, you could get her a starter kit to grow flowers or herbs, or (one of our favourites) a bee pollination kit.
  • If the lady you are buying for is always rushing around and never takes time for herself, get her something to make her stop and chill. Think self-care kits, a calming colouring-in book or an essential oil diffuser with scents to help her relax.
  • What are her hobbies and can you help her take them to the next level? For example, if she likes cooking, you could get her a cheese, chocolate or yoghurt making kit.
  • Think about your own relationship with her and what you do together, then buy her a gift based on that. Say, your relationship is social and involves meeting up and enjoying a drink together, then it would be thoughtful to buy her something related to this, such as a wine cooler, a cocktail shaker or a set of glasses for her favourite tipple.

Gifts ideas for mums (sisters, aunties and girlfriends)

1. Urban Greens grow kit

First on our list of gift ideas for mums: A kit that lets you grow your own flowers for eating! It has everything you need to get your garden started: flower seeds, peat pots, growing substrate, recipe book, and plant labels.

Urban Greens Grow Kit | gift ideas for mums

Available at: The Well Store

2. Full body handheld massager

Relax those tired and achy muscles with a full-body handheld massager from Kogan. Fits in the palm of your hand and perfect for travel.

Full body handheld massager

Available at: Kogan

3. Salt and pepper set

Add some cuteness to your table with this modern salt and pepper set. A hit with kids and adults alike!

Salt and pepper set | gift ideas for mums

Available at: Light in the Box

4. Inka belt

We love this woven belt that adds extra style to any outfit. It’s adjustable, super stretchy and fits all body types.

Inka belt

Available at: Salty Crush

5. Portable tiered cheeseboard and knife set

For foodies who travel often or spend a lot of time outdoors, this portable wooden cheese board is a winner. It’s 13 inches in diameter but folds into a small wedge for easy storage.

Portable tiered cheeseboard and knife set | gift ideas for mums

Available at: Amazon

6. Rain umbrella

Make rainy days less dreary with an umbrella printed with tropical floral print. This one is auto-open and has a comfy rubber handle.

Rain umbrella

Available at: Temple & Webster

7. Anti-aging moisturiser

Aging is not something to be ashamed of. But it's also not a bad idea to give your mum friends the gift of younger-looking skin with Philosophy's anti-wrinkle moisturiser.

Anti-aging moisturiser | gift ideas for mums

Available at: Look Fantastic

8. Breville Nespresso

A pricey gift that’s totally worth it, the Breville Nespresso coffee machine is the perfect present for the coffee lover. Brew tasty coffee with five different cup sizes available.

Breville Nespresso

Available at: Big W

9. iRobot Roomba

Let your Roomba vacuum do the hard work. Schedule your cleaning from anywhere and forget about it! This iRobot model recharges itself so it’s always ready to go.


iRobot Roomba | gift ideas for mums

Available at: Big W

10. Mad Millie hand crafted gin kit

Happy hour just got happier with this gin kit from Mad Millie. It lets you turn normal vodka into yummy, botanical-infused gin.

Mad Millie hand crafted gin kit

Available at: Biome

Gift ideas for her (cont.)

11. Healthy Mummy 28-day Health Challenge

Treat your health-conscious mum friends to a subscription to the Healthy Mummy 28-Day Challenge. The monthly access comes with meal plans, workout videos, recipes and support.

Healthy Mummy 28-day Health Challenge | gift ideas for mums

Available at: Healthy Mummy

12. Noise cancelling headphones

For amazing sound and clear conversations, you need powerful noise-cancelling headphones like this one from Kogan. Built for comfort and all-day listening.

Noise cancelling headphones

Available at: Kogan

13. Insulated wine traveller set

Drink your wine in style, whether at home or on the go. The Avanti insulated wine traveller set is double-walled and condensation proof to keep your drinks cool.

Insulated wine traveller set | gift ideas for mums

Available at: Kogan

14. Card Against Humanity 

Cards Against Humanity is the card game you never thought you needed. This modern classic is hilarious, embarrassing and essential for any group gathering.

Card Against Humanity 

Available at: Amazon

15. Silk gift set

Mums need their beauty sleep. Say goodbye to bedhead and say hello to great skin with this mulberry silk gift set that includes a silk/cotton pillowcase, eye mask, and two scrunchies.

Silk gift set | gift ideas for mums

Available at: Temple & Webster

16. Peak Chocolate

Chocolate that boosts every part of your day? Now that’s a great mum gift. This introductory set from Peak has three great-tasting chocolate for energy, focus, and rest.

Peak Chocolate

Available at: Peak Chocolate

17. Nutra Organics superfood lattes

Give java addicts these super food lattes from Nutra Organics that are alternatives to regular coffee. They look good, taste awesome and are super healthy for you. Made with organic ingredients. 

Nutra Organics superfood lattes | gift ideas for mums

Available at: Nutra Organics

18. Personalised me time candle

Make precious me-time even more relaxing with a great-smelling candle. This one can be personalised with the recipient’s name and you can choose from multiple colours and scents. A great idea when it comes to gifts for mums.

Personalised me time candle

Available at: Etsy

19. Cake decorating set

Get started baking or practice your skills with a complete cake decorating set from Mondo. Includes 19 essentials tools, from icing bags to couplers to egg whisks.

Cake decorating set | gift ideas for mums

Available at: Spotlight Stores

20. Wall art

Beautiful wall art is always a great gift. This blue dancer print is gorgeous and adds a classy vibe to any room. Ideal for large empty wall areas.

Wall art

Available at: Temple & Webster

Presents for women (cont.)

21. Cowhide clutch bag

When it comes to gift ideas for mums, you can’t go wrong with this ethically-sourced cowhide clutch bag. It jazzes up any outfit and is the right size for all your essentials.

Cowhide clutch bag | gift ideas for mums

Available at: Living Styles

22. Hilarious wine glass 

No matter how your day goes, this hilarious wine glass has got you covered. Too bad they don’t come in gallon sizes!

Hilarious wine glass

Available at: Etsy

23. Sheepskin wool Ugg

Uggs are super comfy and look great with just about any outfit. They’re perfect for gifting to yourself or your mum friends. This one features an updated design for better durability and comfort.

Sheepskin wool Ugg | gift ideas for mums

Available at: The UGG Shop

24. Face steam

Give your skin the spa treatment at home with a pampering ionic facial steamer. This handy device is designed to hydrate and plump your skin while deep-cleaning your pores.

Face steam

Available at: Harris Scarfe

25. Bee pollination kit

The perfect gift for the sustainable mumma, this bee pollination kit includes eco-friendly, coffee compost and seeds so you can grow bee food.

Bee pollination kit | gift ideas for mums

Available at: Kogan

26. Air fryer

If you family loves deep-fried food, an air fryer is a must-have. It cooks dishes much more quickly and with less oil so you can indulge guilt-free.

Air fryer

Available at: Kogan

27. Sand and Sky pink clay sand

We absolutely love skin-pampering gifts for mums. This organic pink clay sand scrub is a winner and gives your skin that silky smooth softness and glow.

Sand and Sky pink clay sand | gift ideas for mums

Available at: Oz Hair and Beauty

28. Collagen peptides

Collagen does wonders for your skin, hair, nails and joints. This set of mixed flavours from the Collagen Co. contains 14 self-serve sachets.

Collagen peptides

Available at: Oz Hair and Beauty

29.  Outdoor wine table

Next on our list of gifts for mums: Hosting an indoor or outdoor picnic is easier when you have this folding wine table. Easy to clean, easy to carry, and holds two wine glasses for you and your bff.

Outdoor wine table | gift ideas for mums

Available at: Temple & Webster

30. Foot care gift set

Soothe tired, achy feet with a lovely foot care gift handmade from all-natural ingredients. This whipped foot scrub comes in mint to help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Foot care gift set

Available at: Etsy

Gifts for mums (cont.)

31. How It Works: The Mum Ladybird Book

Mums will giggle at the realities of motherhood as portrayed in this hilarious book. Something to pick up when you’re stressed out and ready to give up on your family.

How It Works: The Mum Ladybird Book | gift ideas for mums

Available at: Gifts Australia

32. Australian gin tasting set

Here’s another great gift idea for mums who live for happy hour. This gin tasting set contains twelve 30ml samples of Australian gins and a tasting and distillery guide.

Australian gin tasting set

Available at: Booze Bud

33. Swear word colouring-in book

Colouring books are all the rage, especially for stressed women in desperate need of some alone time. This funny book is just the ticket with plenty of swear words that you can colour-in.

Swear Word Colouring-in Book | gift ideas for mums

Available at: Booktopia

34. iSubscribe magazine subscription

Give your friend a subscription to their favourite magazine this Christmas. iSubscribe has a sale with up to 73% off on best seller like Better Homes and Gardens, Gardening and National Geographic.

iSubscribe Magazine Subscriptiont

Available at: iSubscribe

35. Tribal earrings

Make plain outfits pop with these elegant tribal earrings. It’s a cute and fun gift for your fashionista friend.

Tribal earrings | gift ideas for mums

Available at: Yarn

36. Smart fitness watch

Looking for a unique gift for a unique person? Look no further than this elegant smart fitness watch that comes in pretty pastel colours.

Smart Fitness Watch

Available at: Light in the Box

37. Bath bombs

Treat yourself to a luxurious bath experience with all-natural bath bombs. This set of 12 has laugh-out-loud scents like Monkey Fart, Bite Me and Sex on the Beach.

Bath bombs | gift ideas for mums

Available at: Royal Essence

38. Evening bloom wrap

Mums can rock a sexy look and be comfy at the same time in this floral print wrap. Made of super soft satin fabric. Great gift ideas for mums.

Evening bloom wrap

Available at: Bras N Things

39. Sweet Sleep gift pack

For tea lovers who need some quality sleep, this set from T2Tea makes the perfect gift. It comes with a pretty floral mug and a caffeine-free blend of loose-leaf tea.

Sweet Sleep Tea Pack | gift ideas for mums

Available at: Tea2Tea

40. Aromatherapy kit

Need some morning energy and motivation? Try this aromatherapy kit that includes a special blend of essential oils to wake you up and a plug-and-go USB diffuser

Aromatherapy kit

Available at: Eco

Gifts ideas for mums (sisters, aunties and girlfriends)

41. Manual coffee grinder

If mum is a javaholic who doesn’t mind a little arm workout, a manual coffee grinder is a perfect gift.

Manual coffee grinder | gift ideas for mums

Available at: Biome

42. Cocktail shaker

For the hostess with the mostest, a gold cocktail shaker is a chic addition to any bar. This 11-piece set comes in an elegant rose gold outer shell.

Cocktail shaker

Available at: MyDeal

43. Gratitude journal

This pretty gratitude journal makes it easy to be thankful every day. It’s filled with inspirational quotes, exercises and prompts, plus plenty of space to jot down your thoughts.

Gratitude Journal | gift ideas for mums

Available at: Booktopia

44. Garden tool set

For your green thumb mums, anything gardening-related is brilliant. Why not give them this set of pretty floral garden tools (trowel and fork)?

Garden tool set

Available at: Temple & Webster

45. Personalised key ring

These keyrings have a simple and minimalist vibe that we can’t resist. And the personalised metal tag is a cute little touch to show you care. Super cool gifts for mums.

Personalised key ring | gift ideas for mums

Available at: Etsy

46. Everyplate grocery box

For mums who need a break, the gift of groceries and easy meals are unbeatable. Everyplate offers affordable meal kits and tasty dinner essentials for the whole family.

Eveyplate grocery box

Available at: Everyplate

47. Mug cakes cookbook

Mug cakes are perfect for people who don’t have the time and energy to whip up a big cake. This book has over 30 yummy recipes for one-person mug cakes to quickly satisfy those sweet cravings.

Mug cakes cookbook | gift ideas for mums

Available at: Booktopia

48. Coasters

Keep your surfaces clean and tidy with some stylish coasters from Early Settler. We love the intricate cutwork on each piece.


Available at: Early Settler

49. Tanning set

Get your salon-quality tan at home with a complete tanning kit from Minetan. The spray system is super easy to use whether you’re a pro or you’re using it for the first time.

Tanning set | gift ideas for mums

Available at: Oz Hair and Beauty

50. Tablet/recipe holder

Last on our list of gifts for women: A wooden holder to prop up your tablet or recipe book while you cook. Definitely a thoughtful gift for the chef or foodie.

Tablet/recipe holder

Available at: Riot

Final words on gift ideas for mums

In conclusion, finding the perfect gift for the women in your life doesn't have to be a daunting task. By taking a moment to consider their interests, hobbies, and personalities, you can select a thoughtful and meaningful present that will bring a smile to her face.

Whether it's a practical gift like a grow-your-own flower kit or a luxurious treat like a silk gift set, the options are as diverse as the wonderful women you know.

Remember to listen to their hints and consider what they truly enjoy. It might be relaxing with a good book, pursuing a hobby, or savouring a glass of wine. The key is to show your appreciation and thoughtfulness by choosing a gift that aligns with their preferences and passions.

No matter the occasion, the right gift can convey your love and appreciation, making the women in your life feel cherished and valued.

So, go ahead and make your selection from the wide array of gift ideas provided, and watch the joy it brings to their hearts.

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