Back to school survival tips for single mums

Back to school

Tips on How to Survive and Flourish amid the Stressful Back-to-school Period

The back-to-school season occurs yearly, but even the best-prepared single parents are frequently caught off guard. Most parents spend their summer vacations in cities with their kids or at the best Australian no deposit bonus codes casinos from and forget to plan for when school reopens.

According to Product Owner Tony Sloterman, the best strategy for surviving the back-to-school season is to have a well-planned structure. This article is an ultimate guide on how single mothers can construct a back-to-school plan to survive the school year.

The start of school signals the end of summer, possibly the least welcomed season change of all, but single mothers may find it especially challenging as their children return to school. To help you during this period, here are four survival tips.

1. Calendar the school year

As a single parent, one of the most frightening things that could happen is when a school holiday comes up, and you have no idea about it. This can leave you disorganised, as you might find yourself rushing to find your child something to do or arrange for someone to watch them while you are at work.

You can prevent this strain by putting the entire school year on your calendar. At the start of each school year, it’s advisable to enter every school activity on your calendar. Every holiday, Parent-teacher conference, field trip, and other activities the school publishes on its master calendar for the school year that may affect your child should be on your calendar. If you have a babysitter or someone who frequently watches your child, you can also provide them with a copy of the calendar, so you are not caught off guard. It is now much simpler, thanks to digital calendars.

2. Create a system for the children

While you will be more organised, assisting your child in being more organised would also benefit you. As a single mother, it’s frustrating when you are rushing out the door in the morning, and your child suddenly realises they need you to read and sign something from school. Such surprises are not enjoyable. To get rid of them, you must devise a system.

The system depends on you, but no system in the world will function unless the child is taught how to utilise it. Having a conversation about school and what to expect the night before is a fantastic way to implement a system. You can then discuss what to anticipate and the rules in place. The more you talk ahead of time, the better prepared they will be and the less stressed you will be.

3. Prioritise your health

Let’s face it: everything is better when you’re happy and healthy. Your child and your life will be more enjoyable. You would be in a better mood, and caring for yourself and your child will be much easier. To survive this school year, your health should be a top priority.

There is always time to take care of your health, regardless of how busy you are as a single mum. It’s crucial for your emotional and physical well-being to take some breaks. This is not a waste of time. This is the time for your mind and body to recover, renew, and simply feel normal again. Even if you are busy all day on the weekends, use the time in the evenings to rekindle your relationship with your child and with yourself. Ensure everyone has quiet time to rest, read, or simply unwind.

4. Do not be afraid to seek assistance

This tip may be the most significant one. Do not hesitate to ask for assistance if you are having trouble juggling your role as a single parent with your job. Caregiving can drain your energy and make you more prone to diseases and depression if you don’t have enough practical and emotional support. Utilise the resources at your disposal and benefit from any assistance provided by family and friends. Also, find a reliable sitter, a family member, or a friend that could watch your child when you are unable to or are swamped with work.

Final thoughts

The enormous labor of a single mother is not for the faint-hearted. Single mothers undoubtedly have a lot on their hands, from juggling building a career, the child’s upkeep, and the school schedule to helping the child with homework. The best way to stay sane throughout the school year as a single mum is to start planning now. 

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