Getting your sexy back as a single mum

Getting your sexy back as a single mum | Beanstalk Mums

Feeling sexy as a single mum is not always easy. There’s sleep deprivation, dirty nappies and the morning school rush hour in your uggies. This is probably not what Justin Timberlake had in mind when he had us “bring sexy back…Yeah.”

But, you are a sexy single mum and here are a few things you can do to show it.

Getting your sexy back as a single mum

Buy a new sexy single mum outfit

You really don’t have to feel guilty about buying a new outfit for yourself. For most of us, our bodies have changed after having kids and your clothing and style has probably evolved to account for this.

I know that if I had to try to squeeze myself into my ‘sexy’ stomach revealing  clothes from pre-pregnancy days it would dramatically reduce my self confidence. Instead, I have learnt to work my new curves. Feeling sexy as a single mum starts with how you dress. You know which parts of your body to accentuate and what makes you feel good.

So, if it has been a while since you’ve treated yourself to an outfit, now is the time to add something new to your wardrobe. A dress, skinny jeans or flattering top. Find your style and go for it … don’t forget the shoes!

And, new underwear too…

It really doesn’t matter if anyone else is going to see it or not. Every woman needs some pretty lingerie in her drawer. Something beautiful close to your skin is going to contribute to you feeling sexy as a single mum. Special undergarments don’t have to be just for special occasions. This time, instead of going for comfort – choose something which makes you feel sexy.

A little pampering goes a long way

Foam yourself up in a lather of fake tanning mousse, paint those nails and get your eyebrows threaded to perfection.

If you’re time poor, sometimes just a dash of ruby red lipstick and black as black mascara is all it takes to make you feel sexy again. You see it in the movies after a break up, the woman always comes back looking revived with a new hairdo and a killer manicure.

First stop is a change at the hairdresser, last stop you’ll be singing “I’m sexy and I know it” and fluttering your eyelashes.

Exercise for mind, body and soul

Feeling sexy as a single mum can be as simple as a regular bout of exercise. Sweat it out, pump it up and get those endorphins flowing. Exercise makes you look and feel better and increases your confidence. A boxing class will tone you up while allowing you to vent your frustrations towards an inanimate object. Yoga will stretch and lengthen your muscles and increase your flexibility. Or, try running with a friend and get those calves high heel ready.

Getting your sexy back as a single mum (cont.)

Have a girls night out

A girls night out will give you a chance to let your hair down, and show the boys you are a sexy single mum (sex gets better as you get older btw!). Funnily enough, I have had 19 year olds asking for my number on more than one occasion. To which I have replied ‘I am very flattered, but you don’t look much older than my son. He’s 8. Perhaps I can adopt you instead’.

But, it isn’t just about the men and whether or not you score. This is about allowing yourself to be a person outside of being a mother. At least every now and then. Dance the night away and enjoy yourself. Wine in hand.

Not your thing? Find something else which is just for you. Join a club, a class or learn something new.

The most important thing for getting your sexy back as a single mum is …

Feeling sexy as a single mum is all about confidence. It is about embracing your strengths and accentuating your features. It’s about not caring about what other people think. It doesn’t matter what is on the outside, but about how you feel on the inside.

If these tips don’t work, pop on a hat, strut your stuff while blasting some “I’m Too Sexy” on repeat until you believe it. Am I showing my age?

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Anna Wood

Anna Wood

Anna lived the single mum life for a number of years and has an ex who is truly one of a kind. She knows single mamas are some of the strongest women, who come with a wicked sense of humour. Anna hopes her experiences will help other mums facing tough times.

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