30 Tattoos to celebrate your children

Tattoos to celebrate your children

As a mum, the most the most important people in our worlds are hands-down our children. For this reason, why not honour them with a tattoo? I’ve put together a list of tattoos to celebrate your children so even when they’ve flown the nest it kinda feels like they’re always with you.

This list is my own personal choice but if you look online, you’ll find heaps of other ideas. If you are artistic, you might like to create your own design, which is a great way to rock your totally unique artwork in body ink form. I don’t have an artistic bone in my body, so wouldn’t dare! Simply take your design into a reputable tattoo shop and ask them to copy it. Or, if you don’t have confidence in your own design, choose one below then add a twist to make it exclusive to your body.

I love literally every tattoo on this list. I hope you do too.

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30 Tattoos to celebrate your children

1. Stork and balloons

A cute stork bearing blue and pink balloons is peak cuteness when it comes to tattoos to celebrate your children. Add the names of your kids inside the balloons in a pretty script or simple lettering.

Stork and Balloons tattoos celebrate your children

Source: Handimania

2. Mother and child symbol

The simplicity of this tattoo makes it for me. I love the way the child is nestles inside mum in this minimalist design that would work pretty much anywhere on your body. I think it would sit well on the ankle.

Mother and child symbol

Source: Tattoo Filter

3. Baby footprints

Few things in life are sweeter than baby footprints. Instead of the usual clay print, why not get tattoos to celebrate your children? This one lists the names of the children next to the prints but I think it would look nice without the names for a tidier design.

Baby footprints tattoos celebrate your children

Source: Romper

4. Name heartbeat

My second daughter had an irregular heartbeat when she was inside me and now it is perfectly healthy. For this reason, heartbeats have a special significance to me and this tattoo is one that I am seriously considering.

Name Heartbeat

Source: Pinterest

5. Mum and daughter

A wonderful mum and daughter drawing makes such a cute tattoo to celebrate your children. Choose something simple and graphic or a more realistic illustration. Add your child’s name and birth details to complete the piece.

Mum and daughter tattoos celebrate your children

Source: Cafe Mom

6. Your kid's drawing

Kid’s drawings are works of art but you’d have to be a bit brave to have one tattooed on you. I am not sure if I could do it as my kids are not that good at art! Anyway, they make brilliant tattoos to celebrate your children. This seahorse did make me laugh. Genius and super brave.

Your kid's drawing tattoo

Source: Popsugar

7. Elephant family

A family of majestic elephants walking in line is way better than those stick figure car stickers. This black and white tattoo is inked on the wrist but I think I’d put it somewhere more discreet.

Elephant family tattoos celebrate your children

Source: Pinterest

8. Hand and foot print

Baby foot and hand prints make great tattoos to celebrate your children. Go big and bold like this mumma with fancy, swirly name lettering on the bottom. Or get a smaller print with your child’s initials and DOB. It’s perfect on the arm or ankle.

Hand and foot print

Source: Pinterest

9. Sleeping baby

I love all these mother and child tattoos to celebrate children but this is one of my favourites. Here’s a lovely illustration of a sleeping baby being cuddled by her mum. The child’s name is at the bottom and the date of birth curves softly over the figure. Beautiful.

Sleeping Baby tattoos celebrate your children

Source: Pinterest

10. Cute animals

There’s something about cute animal tattoos that makes me melt, and I definitely have a bit of an elephant theme happening here. This one shows a mother and baby elephant with the child’s name placed over the birth date in Roman numerals. You can try other animals like deer, dogs and birds.

Cute Animals tattoos celebrate your children

Source: Pinterest

Tattoos to celebrate your children (cont.)

11. Your kid's handwriting

As for genius tattoos to celebrate children, your kid’s handwriting is right up there with kid drawings. This mum inked her child’s note saying “Mom, I Love You” on her upper arm. Aweeeeeee. It’s a perfect reproduction down to the uneven scrawl. Up there with the best meaningful tattoos for mums.

Your Kid's Handwriting tattoos celebrate your children

Source: Pinterest

12. Detailed footprint

I adore the clay moulds I have of my kids footprints when they were little. This tattoo is a cooler version of that. Complete with all the details you want to include about your little one. It will take some designing but well worth it I reckon.

Detailed footprint tattoo

Source: Pinterest

13. Floral baby name

Take it from Hollywood celebrities. Pretty flower name tattoos are amazing to celebrate the birth of a daughter. Pick your fave flower and go for something realistic like this rose tattoo or an elegant flower symbol with your child’s name.

Floral Baby Name tattoos celebrate your children

Source: Pop Sugar Pinterest

14. Graphic arrows

Jump on the arrow tattoo trend to celebrate your children. I like this one that shows graphic arrows shot through with the children’s names in pretty script. A more subtle take like an arrowhead symbol with the name trailing behind.

Graphic Arrows

Source: Pinterest

15. Name script

Never mind all the fancy drawings, sometimes a single word is enough. Your child’s name. Need I say more?

Name Script tattoos celebrate your children

Source: Kids World Fun

16. Family portrait

A family portrait can come in all shapes, sizes and styles. It some cases it can come in a tattoo form, like this one here. This is a bit Addams Family but somehow it works for me.

Family portrait tattoo

Source: Pinterest

17. Mother and child portrait

Love realistic art tattoos? This lifelike mother and child portrait from Tattoo List will inspire you. Just make sure to go to a professional tattoo artist who has years of experience doing this kind of work.

Mother and Child Portrait tattoos celebrate your children

Source: Tattoo List

18. Abstract mother and child

This abstract take on the mother and child tattoo is just the thing if you’re looking for something subtle and elegant. The softly curving lines are classy on their own, but you can always add more details like names and birth dates.

Abstract Mother and Child Tattoo

Source: Pinterest

19. Cute heart balloons

If, like me, you are a sucker for a cute tattoo, look no further than this picture book artwork. It shows a little boy and a girl holding cute balloon hearts. If you look closer, you’ll see that the balloon strings are actually the kids’ names written in script.

Cute heart balloons tattoos celebrate your children

Source: Instagram

Tattoos to honour your kids (cont.)

20. Trendy abstract art

Another on-trend tattoo idea: abstract art. Curved lines form an elegant portrait of a mother and her child in black ink. This would look amazing on the inner or outer arm, on the back or anywhere on the legs.

Trendy Abstract Art Tattoo

Source: Tattoo Inspiration

21. Meaningful symbol

If you are wondering what this tattoo symbolises, it is how the parents of children with Down syndrome “rise up and move forward.” The artist Mica May said the number three represents the three 21st chromosomes that result in Down syndrome. So powerful and life-affirming.

Meaningful Symbol tattoos celebrate your children

Source: NZDSA.org

22. Infinity name

A mother’s love for her children is infinite, as shown by this elegant infinity name tattoo. The names of the children, and in this case a bible verse, follow the curve of the symbol. I think I’d do with my kids first names, alongside their dates of birth and their first word if it would fit.

Infinity Name Tattoo

Source: Tattoo Sera

23. Birth place coordinates

Angelina Jolie’s love for tattoos extends to her children. This one shows geographical coordinates of the place of birth of each of her kids (plus Brad Pitt’s birth place in Oklahoma). It’s simple, unique and meaningful.

Brithplace Coordinates tattoos celebrate your children

Source: Parents

24. Memorable dates

One of my friends has a tattoo similar to this on her inner wrist with the dates of her two children’s birthdays. It’s a good choice for mothers who are getting a tattoo for the first time as it can be nice and small and as hidden as you like.

Memorable Dates Tattoo

Source: Pinterest

25. Zodiac signs

Even if you don’t believe in astrology, you have to admit that zodiac signs and symbols look amazing inked on the skin. Opt for simple symbols for each of your children like this one, or an elegant constellation of stars.

Zodiac Signs tattoos celebrate your children

Source: Pinterest

26. Bird family

A bird family or flock of birds tattoo can mean whatever you want it to mean. On this particular one, the birds sitting on a flowering branch represent the mother, father and their two kids. As a single mother, I’d have to adapt it but that’s the beauty of tattoos, you can design away until they are perfect for you.

Bird Family Tattoo

Source: Good Housekeeping

27. Matching tattoos

Matching mother and child tattoos are good for when your kids are older. Celebrate your special bond with an endless variety of precious tattoo designs. I like this one that says “Forever,” “For Always” and “No Matter What” in beautiful script.

Matching Tattoos

Source: Bello Blog

28. Morse Code

How unique is this Morse code tattoo? It represents the letter S and L, the initials of this mum’s two children. Yours doesn’t have to be this short. A name or birthday fully written in Morse code would be amazing.

Morse Code tattoos celebrate your children

Source: Good Housekeeping

29. Birthmark

Having a hard time choosing a unique tattoo design? It doesn’t get more special or personal than a birthmark tattoo. This mum inked her child’s birthmark on the same exact place: the space just below the V of the left hand’s thumb and index finger. Very possibly my favourite idea on this list.

Childs birthmark tattoo

Source: Cheezburger

30. Roman numerals

I’ve seen a few people with these roman numeral tattoos lately so they must be coming back into fashion. They do make for an artistic design when you are working with a special birthday, and not too adventurous for a first time inker.

Roman Numerals Divorce Tattoos

Source: Pinterest

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