Dating profile tips if you’re not looking for something serious

Dating profile tips if you’re not looking for something serious | Beanstalk Mums

Dating profile tips if you’re not looking for something serious. 

Being a mum and squeezing in the time to date proves to be impossible for many women. Luckily, online dating has taken some of the stress out of the equation. You’re in control of the process, you decide when and if to text someone.

If you’re still not 100 percent ready to date, you can still give the online experience a try. It can be a fun little experiment that can eventually progress into something serious when you’re ready.

But what does it take to put together a winning dating profile and get noticed?

Those are valid questions many single mums are asking themselves.

Being yourself is the obvious, number one essential. Apart from authenticity, however, your online dating profile can benefit from a couple of additional things.

Here is some great advice for your profile if you are not looking for something serious.



People have been experimenting with brutally honest dating profiles and most often, these are received much more positively. 

If you’re not ready for Mr. Right yet, let that shine through in your profile description. Tell potential matches that you’re in it for just a bit of fun.

Being upfront is the best policy. It shows respect towards the people you’re communicating with and it can also prevent meaningless interactions. You don’t have a lot of time, which is why you don’t want to spend it on people whose goals are completely different from yours.


When learning how to make your online profile stand out, you will understand one very important thing – it’s not that serious.

Save philosophy, deep thoughts and meaningful quotes for a personal conversation.

If you want a bit of lighthearted fun, you have to put together a flirtatious and exciting profile. Make it perfectly clear on first glance that you are not looking for something serious.

A little bit of self-deprecating humour is always a nice thing. The fact that you’re a single mum juggling 1,000 responsibilities can be turned to your advantage (if you do it in a witty, lighthearted manner). 

It’s also ok to let loose and shape up a flirtatious profile. You’re a woman who has some experience with love and who knows the rules of the game. Acting shy and clueless isn’t the way to jump into meaningful, exciting interactions right from the start.

You should, however, understand the difference between flirtatious and crass profiles. Indirect, gentle references are the ones that will get you noticed. A flirt isn’t about laying it all on the table (quite literally!), it’s about a delicate suggestion of the possibilities.


Clichés are the biggest dating profile faux pas. Avoid that at all costs. Especially if you are not looking for something serious.

Many female dating profile headline examples can be used as the perfect example of what not to do, whether you’re looking for something serious or an exciting casual flirt.

I love laughing’ or ‘I’m looking for a partner in crime’ are two obvious cliché examples. Do they make you cringe? Chances are that a potential match will have the exact same reaction.

Clichés have gotten to their status because they’re safe, they’re familiar and they’re boring. These are obvious characteristics you don’t want to be associated with if you are looking for online fun with witty and appreciative men. 

Forget about the first thing that comes to mind and dig deeper. Use your imagination and whatever you do, refrain from looking at dating profile examples or templates. These are the most definite imagination killer that will quickly turn your presentation into the most profound cliché there is.



Even people who don’t have a ton of online dating experience understand the importance of the profile photo. 

A nice headshot is a good idea but is it the best option for attracting fun people?

Have a bit of fun with your main dating pic. Show an activity you love or your cookie side. Again, don’t be afraid of straying from the norm. This is precisely what you want to do in order to attract similar-minded individuals.

Do you like dancing? Add a crazy salsa pic to your profile. Or maybe you are a nature enthusiast? A hike picture will tell potential matches exactly who you are. In addition, such pictures will provide opportunities for the initiation of a meaningful first conversation.


Based on your life experiences, you have a pretty good idea about what you don’t want in life and dating. 

Feature that information in your profile.

 Maybe you don’t want to meet people who are irresponsible, who’re not interested in global events and who are narrow-minded in terms of what’s acceptable in life and what isn’t. Let these people know they’re not welcomed and they shouldn’t waste their time contacting you.


And here’s one final useful tip for your profile if you’re not looking for something serious: Learn to use the filtering possibilities of the dating website or app you’re using. 

Most dating platforms give you a chance to apply various filters when searching for matches. Apart from the obvious i.e. showing you don’t want a serious relationship, you can filter matches on the basis of interests, location and other keywords you choose.

Play with these filters to find the right group of potential partners to approach. These tools are available to give you meaningful interactions. Don’t be afraid to employ them. Also, if you’re being pestered by someone you dislike, you have the right to block them and move on.

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Online dating can be a lot of fun, even if you want something thrilling and casual. Give it a try and have fun with profile creation. If you’re a good communicator, you’ll soon attract the right type of person.

Dating profile tips if you’re not looking for something serious | Beanstalk Single Mums Pinterest

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