12 Suggestions for successfully sharing Christmas as a co-parent

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Traditionally, Christmas is a time when families come together to share the magic.

Not so for most co-parents.

Yes, it is truly is a special time. Why else do we have kids if not to see their cute, happy faces on Christmas morning?

So, the question for separated families is this:

“How can we share Christmas so everyone gets to experience the joy of the festive season without destroying peace to all mankind?”

Here are 12 suggestions to help if you are sharing Christmas as a co-parent.

11 Suggestions for successfully sharing Christmas as a co-parent


Planning for Christmas as a mum is HUGE, as a single mum it is akin to a military operation.

Unless you have a parenting plan or orders with specific instructions around who has the kids and when, negotiations may be long-winded.

The sooner you broach the conversation with your ex, the sooner you can reach an agreement on the who’s, where’s and when’s of the festive period.


If there is ever a time to really work on good communication with your ex … This. Is. It.

Chose the type of communication that works best for you as an ex-couple i.e. face-to-face, text or a co-parenting app. Then stick to it.

Be careful to use non-aggressive communication and gestures to keep everything on-topic and respectful.

Most importantly, make sure you have a record of the plans you have made together, should you need to refer to them if there is confusion later on.


It’s all very well to plan early and be super-duper organised but this is life and changes are inevitable.

For example, one parent becomes unwell or has to work, the ex gets a girlfriend he wants to spend time with, or let’s go crazy and say there’s a worldwide pandemic that closes national and international borders.

We just don’t know what’s around the corner so be open and ready to make changes to your plans.


If you don’t have a parenting plan or consent orders, then now could be the time to organise it.

Most parenting plans include arrangements for special occasions, including Christmas.

A parenting plan can seriously save the day (and your co-parenting relationship) when you have already dictated your Christmas plans and both parties simply have to follow them.

NOTE: Family law courts are bursting at the seams pre-Christmas while everyone tries to get their arrangements documented. Do yours early, or muddle through this Christmas and get one prepared in the new year.



If you are sharing Christmas as a co-parent, it will be different now but that doesn’t mean it can’t be better. And YOU are the person who can make that happen!

Create some new Christmas traditions and routines that will provide comfort and joy through the years.

How about a trip to the cinema on Christmas Eve or a walk to see the lights in your neighbourhood? A different treat for Santa or some new decorations which you can put up together?

Single mum life is full of new routines that we create to provide security and contentment for our children, Christmas is no exception.


All the extensive arrangements and precision planning around Christmas are because we want our kids to have the best Christmas EVER.

Yet, amid all the tangled tinsel and crazy Christmas planning it is easy to lose sight of why we want everything to be perfect.

For. Our. Kids.

We want to make wonderful Christmas memories that they will cherish forever and ultimately pass onto their own children.

If you and your ex find yourself arguing over festive plans, remind yourself (and him) why you’re doing this. Your children’s happiness is the one thing you have in common and is great middle ground from which to make plans that work in their favour.


Christmas’s for separated families can get complex.

Not only do both mum and dad what to celebrate with the kids, but there are grandparents and extended family to consider … not to mention if either of you have re-partnered and there is a whole other family that needs to slot into the plans somewhere.

Everything is doable.

But, once you’ve made plans, make sure everyone knows what they are. Including the kids.

Letting your children know the plans will help them feel secure in the knowledge that Christmas is under control and they can look forward to it without anxiety or worry.


And then there’s the presents …

If your co-parenting relationship allows, have a chat with your ex before you head out to buy anything.

If you pull together and go halves on the larger gifts, you can save whilst the kids are getting what they want. They’ll also be delighted that it’s from both of you.

If your co-parenting relationship is on the rocks and talk about presents might send it over the edge, just send your ex a quick email so he knows what you’re getting for the kids. This way you won’t both gift the same thing.

Communication will mean a better array of presents for you kids, and we all know that means more smiles on Christmas Day!



Christmas Day is a great excuse for a Champagne breakfast or to crack a beer before midday.

But PLEASE be careful.

Especially if you are not a seasoned drinker.

Too much alcohol on Christmas Day can make you momentarily merry but lead to feeling of anger, tiredness, irritability and anxiety. It can also make you over-emotional or argumentative … which you seriously don’t need when you are trying so hard to keep the peace with you ex.

Plus, your kids won’t enjoy seeing mum drunk, so limit the drink and stay on-form for them.


If this is your first Christmas as a single mum, or one of the first, it could be hard at times. It is not only mentally and financially challenging, but there is the emotional aspect to deal with too.

Unfortunately, you will be subjected to a barrage of commercials with stereotypical families having the time of their lives on Christmas Day.

For single mothers, this can make you feel understandably inadequate because you are unable to provide this kind of Christmas for your family. On top of this, you might experience seasonal sadness about your relationship breakdown as you remember Christmas’s when you were together and thought it would say that way forever.

If you will be spending all or part of Christmas Day alone, make plans and keep busy. And know that it will get easier as the years go by.


Magic happens at Christmas!

Have a think about how you can use this time to reach out to your ex and mend some of those burnt bridges.

Perhaps you can invite him for breakfast to enjoy the stocking opening or bake him some mince pies or even buy him a small gift. Check out this article for ideas: 12 Hilarious Christmas gifts for your ex.

Whatever you do, use this time of goodwill to your advantage. The reality is that “mum and dad getting on” is the very best gift you can give to your kids.


Yes, Christmas is for the kids, but it doesn’t hurt to let your hair down and enjoy yourself too.

Be sure to allow time for “mum fun” even if it is lying comatose on the couch watching The Wiggles Christmas Special.

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