30 New Christmas traditions for separated families

New Christmas traditions for separated families | Beanstalk Mums

Christmas traditions are a really important of part of the festivities for many families. So, if your family has recently separated and you are navigating your first Christmas as single parent, you may be feeling a little lost. 

Yet, rather than see it as a time of loss, why not spin it around and use your new-style Christmas to create wonderful new traditions that will set the scene for many happy Christmas’s to come?

And if you need inspiration, here is our list of 30 new Christmas traditions for separated families.


  1. Have a Christmas movie marathon
  2. Read a holiday book with the kids
  3. Volunteer at the local soup kitchen, homeless shelter or animal shelter
  4. Bake holiday cookies/desserts together
  5. Buy a real Christmas tree
  6. Make DIY holiday ornaments
  7. Make Christmas gift baskets for the needy
  8. See a Christmas play, concert, dance or other live cultural event
  9. Video chat with out-of-town or overseas family
  10. Do something nice for the neighbours

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  1. Go carolling
  2. Make a holiday playlist
  3. Attend a tree lighting ceremony
  4. Go skating, ice skating or rollerskating
  5. Write letters to Santa
  6. Drive around to see Christmas lights
  7. Make holiday keepsakes
  8. Dress up in coordinating Christmas outfits
  9. Get your picture taken by a professional photographer
  10. Make holiday wreaths and decorations

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Christmas traditions for separated families (cont.)

  1. Decorate the house and yard
  2. Make Christmas coupons for the family
  3. Have an ugly Christmas sweater contest
  4. Play fun Christmas games or board games
  5. Have a Secret Santa gift exchange
  6. Take pictures with Santa at the mall
  7. Visit the children’s hospital and give out treats
  8. Have a Christmas scavenger hunt
  9. Make and decorate gingerbread houses
  10. Donate to your favourite charity
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