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    Hi guys, I’ve just been accepted for Single Parent Payments for 1 child (4 months old). I don’t receive child support so I get full family tax benefit. I get $410 single parent payment and $250 FTB. Is this the regular rate? I have no idea how others survive on this if they aren’t working full time? That’s barely rent 😣 I’m at University and looking for part time work but my new town is so small I’m really struggling to find work.

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    These responses are disgusting!

    OP – A lot of factors affect your pension rate and FTB.

    Age of child (it goes up as they get older).
    Amount of child support (I noticed you said none)
    Nights the child spends in care with the other parent.
    Your assets (ie car, house, property, cash)
    Any income.
    How much rent you pay and if you’ve claimed rent assistance.

    I get about $1240ish pfn made up of SPP, FTB A&B, Rent assistance.

    Check your payment summary or statement for the breakdown (can request document via the app) and then you can query the payments. You said you only just were accepted, so perhaps this was a backpayment or prorata payment. Best to check with Centrelink.

    As soon as you get your pension card (real or digital) register for as many of your state’s concessions as possible, and let your GP know as many will bulk bill pensioners.

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    You could always go to a women’s refuge they may help you get emergency housing which is cheaper

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    Hey hun, I was on SPP many moons ago but it was definitely more than that.. I feel like it was closer to $600 per fortnight and another $5-600 in family tax.. approx $500-600 per week overall. You may have to check the breakdown as a previous poster said.. I earn $70k p/a and have 50/50 care of two children and still receive $160 per fortnight in family tax (no SPP) so your payments definitely seem quite low. Do you have full custody? Are you receiving any income? Have you recently stopped work and it could be your annual income pushing you over some thresholds? Best to speak with Centrelink hun x

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    Lucy Good
    Lucy Good

    One of the hardest things to adjust to as a single mum is the financial changes. Here is an article that might help. Basically you will need to adjust your life accordingly but possibly only short term, hang on in there.

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    The pension should be closer to $800 per f/n I receive $448 for the pension and I work 2 days a week. Please check your online account to see what income might be affecting your payment, there might be old employment income still on the record.

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    Hi how long did it take for Centrelink parenting payments be processed pls?

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    The first payment might just be a part payment. If you can give them a call to check or if you have my gov account you can log in and check next centrelink payment

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    I am on single perent payment.

    I have found a job that is working 7am to 2pm 5 days a week paying $1980p/f.
    I then will need to but my child in care 5 days a week that will cost $1100p/f.

    So i stay home and spend time with my child or do i take this job?
    My son is 2.

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    Are you not eligible for any child care subsidy?

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