10 Tips to help you start over after divorce

While marriage is a magical moment, about half of all marriages ultimately lead to separation and divorce. Whether married through a matrimonial site or any other system, when divorce happens, it is important for a person to realise that they can get back up and start a fresh life.

Starting Fresh after Divorce

When a person goes through a divorce, life may seem devastating. While it is normal to feel depressed during this period, it is important not to give up on life – but rather focus on implementing the required steps to start anew.

Regardless of the marriage type, whether that is Muslim matrimony or another, recovery from this type of event is possible.

We share ten essential tips to help those who have recently gone through a divorce get their life back:

  1. First, realize that it is perfectly normal to have feelings. You can be sad or angry during this time – even allow yourself to cry. Holding back all of your emotions will lead to pent up stress and frustration.
  2. In addition to allowing yourself to have all these feelings, also realise that it is okay to miss your ex – just don’t let this take your life over.
  3. Talking is an important part of letting go and overcoming your own emotions during a divorce. Even if you simply talk about your feelings with a friend, it can give you a great deal of relief. Consulting a professional is advisable for those who struggle more significantly with their own emotions during a divorce.
  4. If children are involved, both parties need to come together in order to decide on how they will work with the children. Children can suffer a lot through the divorce of their parents, so this should be dealt with in a sensitive manner.
  5. Take time to heal. This is one of the best ways to make sure you really get over the emotions. Don’t rush into something new – instead, allow some time for yourself.
  6. Take care of yourself. Many people give up in despair when they go through a divorce. This is the last thing one should do.
  7. Getting in touch with old friends and hanging out is another good way of keeping one’s spirits up during a divorce
  8. Hope is something that is definitely needed during this time. The person going through divorce needs to keep their hopes up and know that they have the ability to get through a tough time.
  9. When things seem too much, then a self-help group should be sought out. There are many of these recovery programs that can be useful.
  10. When the time is right, it is important that you allow yourself a chance to meet someone new – but taking it slow should be a priority.


About 50% of all marriages do not last. When hit by divorce, this does not mean life is over. There are effective ways that a person can recover from a divorce and start a new life, regardless of their age. It is, however, important to start with a step-by-step process and allow oneself to grieve the loss.

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