Ways to teach kids about charity and giving back

Teach kids charity

Every parent wants their child to become a great person in society and help out the less fortunate, but as a parent, you cannot depend on what you do only because it will not make a difference in your child’s life. Children usually copy what they see their parents are doing, so when you love giving back to society, your child will follow in your footsteps. First, teach your child how to be kind to people; for example, when they go to school or go to the playground, and a kid doesn’t have a toy, teach your child to share their toy and play with other kids. When your child learns this trait, they will grow up to be kind adults, and charity work won’t be that difficult for them.

Besides, speaking to your child about kindness and sharing toys, it would help if you taught them about money. Help them understand that they are lucky that their parents have enough money to take them to school and feed them while their other children who don’t have parents or their parents are not as wealthy as them. Through this, you will teach your child to be understanding, and they will be able to help out a needy child.

Things you should do to teach your child about charity are …

1. Lead by example

As I said above, children follow the examples set by their parents. When your children see you doing charity work, they understand that giving back to society is good and that they should also do it from time to time.

2. Search for volunteer opportunities

Action is one of the easiest ways you could teach your children about charity work. It would help if you searched for fun volunteer opportunities for yourself and your family and started from there. For example, you could help by donating to a charity such as MATW Project. Through this, your child will learn a lot, and it will be a great time to come together as a family to help out. When you go here, you can ask your child to pack some clothes and toys they don’t use anymore and tell them that they are giving out their toys and clothes to a child who needs them more. When you reach your children these attributes, they will start becoming generous and when you notice this from them, congratulate them.

3. Come up with a donor-advised fund

As a family, you could come up with an account that allows you to contribute to various charities and organizations that you care about. Moreover, the contributions you make to your account can get you a tax deduction that can be invested and grow tax-free. Saving up will teach your child how to invest and get tax deductions as it makes your family come together to decide on which communities they want to assist.

4. Have a three-bucket approach for allowance

When you give your child an allowance, teach them to save up for future needs, for the things they require, and for helping out the needy. If your children are young, you could suggest places they could donate to, but if they are older, you should allow them to choose the place they want to contribute to. With technology, you have a chance to monitor how your child is using money and the amount they are spending on charity. All you need is a debit card with an app to help you with this.

5. Teach your children the behaviours you want them to learn

The easiest way to make children and teenagers do something is by teaching them how it’s done. For example, as a parent who does charity work or holds charity events, you could go with your children to all these charitable events and teach them how it’s done. Once you go with them multiple times, they will be equipped, and they will start doing the same thing you have been doing.


Charity work is impressive, and it helps the less fortunate to know they are not alone in the world. As a parent, you must teach your children about charity work, and we have outlined some things you could do to make this possible.

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