The best period tracking apps we could find (2024)

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This article about period tracking apps was last updated in 2023.

There’s an app for everything nowadays. Yes, even for tracking your period.

Lets talk about:

  • What a period tracking app is
  • The benefits of using one
  • The best period tracker apps we could find


A period tracking app is an app that tracks your menstrual cycle. Period tracking apps do more than just predict when your next period is going to be; they also help you record changes in your cycle such as heavy bleeding and other abnormalities.


  • You can predict the date of your next period
  • Track PMS symptoms like cramping, headaches, pain and moodiness
  • If you’re trying to get pregnant, pinpoint the days when you’re most fertile
  • If you’re trying to avoid pregnancy, track the days when you shouldn’t be having unprotected sex
  • Get deeper insights into your reproductive health
  • Access reproductive health resources
  • Connect with an online support group



With over 150 million users, Flo is one of the most popular period tracking apps available. And we can see why. It’s a feature-packed app that lets you track your cycle using AI, record over 70 period symptoms, access health resources and inspiration, and connect with millions of women to talk anonymously about intimate issues. It also turns into a brilliant pregnancy tracker when you are expecting. Calculate your due date, record test results, learn about parenting essentials and track your baby’s development.

Flo | Beanstalk Single Mums

Available via: Apple and Android

Free: Yes, free with ads

Cost of app: $49.99/year

Best features: Featured-pack period tracker

Pros: Lots of features, easy to use, pregnancy mode, syncs with Apple Health, anonymous chat

Cons: Expensive in-app purchases if you aren’t a subscriber

You will love this app if: You’re looking for an all-in-one period tracker that also supports pregnancy tracking.


Natural Cycles is the first FDA-approved period tracker and natural birth control app in one. You can record your daily temperature, mood, PMS symptoms and other period information to predict your fertile window–extremely useful if you’re trying to get pregnant or avoiding pregnancy. Based on the data you entered, the app shows green for non-fertile days or red for fertile. It claims to be 98% effective with perfect use and 93% effective with typical use.

Natural Cycles period tracker

Available via: Apple and Android

Free: Free trial

Cost of app: $9.99/month or $89.99/year

Best features: First FDA-approved natural birth control and period tracker

Pros: Clinically proven non-hormonal birth control app, support for women trying to get pregnant, reliable ovulation prediction

Cons: Pricey, requires you to take and record daily temperature, not 100% accurate

You will love this app if: You need a relatively effective natural birth control method.


When it comes to period tracking apps, Clue is one of the most, if not the most inclusive. Its gender-neutral language and educational resources make it popular with the LGBTQIA community. It’s also easy to use, has a wide range of tracking categories (from body temperature to mood to cravings), and has an extensive knowledge base about menstrual health. The more information you enter in the app, the more accurate your period predictions get.

Clue | Beanstalk Single Mums

Available via: Apple and Android

Free: Free version with ads

Cost of app: $5/month

Best features: Gender-neutral period tracking app

Pros: Inclusive, gender-neutral language, resources for LGBTQIA

Cons: Limited symptom tracking

You will love this app if: You belong to the LGBTQIA community and want a solid period tracker with gender-neutral language.


Looking for period tracking apps that are focused on people who are trying not to get pregnant? Eve is the app for you. It’s a free ovulation and period tracker in one with fun extras thrown in like horoscopes, quizzes, juicy sex and relationship tips and an online support group. The app itself is well-designed and easy to use, letting you record PMS symptoms and other period data as it relates to your sex life. Eve data can also be synced with the iOS Health app.

Period Tracking Apps | Eve | Beanstalk Single Mums

Available via: Apple and Android

Free: Free with in-app purchases

Cost of app: Free

Best features: Sexual health-focused period tracker

Pros: Easy to use, great for people who are trying to avoid pregnancy, free period tracker with fun extras

Cons: Push notifications can be annoying, you have to pay to access some features

You will love this app if: You need a period tracker focused on avoiding pregnancy.


Period Tracker is what is says on the label and more. It’s one of the most popular and highly-rated period tracking apps on Google Play (over 100 million Android users in 63 countries). The app is comprehensive and has a well-designed and intuitive interface. It lets you track your period, chance of pregnancy, PMS symptoms by category, weight and BMI, sexual activity and fitness. It’s a great app whether you are trying to get pregnant or avoid pregnancy. The information also helps physicians treat you better and with less guesswork.

Period Tracker | Beanstalk Single Mums

Available via: Apple and Android

Free: Free with in-app purchases

Cost of app: $9.99/month or $39.99/year for unlimited features

Best features: All-in-one free period tracker

Pros: Free top-rated period tracking app, feature-packed, easy to use and navigate, pill reminder notifications, syncs with Apple Health

Cons: You need to pay to unlock some features

You will love this app if: You want a simple period tracker with health and fitness features built in.


Ovia is a pregnancy-focused period tracking app/fertility tracker that’s perfect for people trying to conceive. Record you body temperature, cervical mucus and position, plus period data like PMS symptoms to know when you are most fertile and make the most of that time. You’ll also get fertile window predictions, daily fertility scores, real-time health alerts, tips and reproductive health articles, and support from an anonymous online community.

Period Tracking Apps | Ovia | Beanstalk Single Mums

Available via: Apple and Android

Free: Free with in-app purchases

Cost of app: Free

Best features: Pregnancy-focused period tracker

Pros: Customisable data tracking, support for regular and irregular cycles, premium tools and features for Ovia Health members

Cons: Ads can be annoying

You will love this app if: You are trying to conceive and need a period/fertility tracker.


Cycles is an elegant and discreet period tracking app that looks like a regular app (great for using on the sly). It’s easy to log in your period information so you can get accurate predictions, including mood patterns and body changes. You can also dive deeper with a detailed look at your cycle data. What really makes Cycles stand out is the ability to share information with your partner so you can get the support you need when you need it.

Cycles period tracker

Available via: Apple

Free: Free with in-app purchases

Cost of app: From $2.99 to $29.99

Best features: Minimalist period tracker with partner support

Pros: Easy to use, calendar view for easy planning, can sync with partner’s device

Cons: iOS only

You will love this app if: You are an iOS user who wants a period tracker that syncs with your partner’s device.

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