What does it actually mean to 50/50 co parent?

50/50 coparenting | Step By Step | Beanstalk Mums Podcast


There are many different ways to parent after separation, including 50/50 co-parenting. But what actually is it? How can it work? And why does it cause so many complications?

In this information-packed podcast, I chat to Melinda Nutting and Tania Fitzpatrick from Step By Step Support to unpack what 50/50 co-parenting actually means. We focus on a ‘child inclusive’ approach to co-parenting, which puts kids first and provides a cheaper and less stressful alternative to lawyers.

What does it actually mean to 50/50 co parent?

Our chat includes but is not limited to:

  • Understanding the difference between co-parenting and parallel parenting
  • Bird nesting – what it is and how it can work for children of separation
  • The grey areas of finance when 50/50 co-parenting
  • Why Child Support and co-parenting are not always a good mix
  • Mistakes you can make when co-parenting and how to avoid/overcome them
  • How to role model a healthy co-parenting relationship to your children
  • The benefits of 50/50 co-parenting for everyone in the family
  • How to arrange a free 45-minute chat with Melinda or Tania regarding parenting and/or communication after separation.

Listen here …

What does it actually mean to 50/50 co parent? | Beanstalk Mums Podcast | Pinterest

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