Turn self sabotage into motivation

Turning self sabotage into motivation

I love doing podcasts that really get me thinking, which is exactly what this one did.

Here we discuss the highly interesting topic of self-sabotage with international mindset and identity specialist, Sue Lester from Growing Content. Sue is an expert at what she eloquently calls ‘clearing head trash’, which it seems we build up over the years and end up with quite a lot of.

And self-sabotage is a real thing. We ALL do it, and often without knowing it. Fascinating. But, like most things, once we identify it, we can deal with it. In this case, we can turn our self-sabotage into motivation i.e. ‘ditch our inner bitch’ and replace it with something far more useful.

Topics covered include:

  • What is self-sabotage and why do we do it
  • How to prevent self-sabotage and turn it into motivation
  • What is our unconscious blue print and what impact does it have on us
  • How to avoid negatively programming our children
  • Immediate action we can take NOW to ditch our inner bitch
  • Some super-cool freebies from Sue to help you on your journey

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