Receive and give support as a single mum this Christmas

The Salvation Army Christmas podcast


Christmas can be a particularly hard time for many single mothers.

We feel pressured to create a picture-perfect Christmas for our kids, complete with stereotypical family and presents galore.

Is it any wonder that we experience more Christmas-fear than Christmas-cheer?

To help lighten the load for struggling single mums, I chat to Major Beth Twivey from The Salvation Army about how we can reach for support during the festive season (and the rest of the year).

Or, if you’re in a position to donate, we go full-circle and also discuss the many clever, thoughtful and fun ways give to those in need at Christmas.

Receive and give support as a single mum this Christmas

In this chat, Major Beth Twivey and I cover:

  • Why many problems for single mums can feel exacerbated at Christmas
  • The kind of support The Salvation Army offers at Christmas (and throughout the year) – there is heaps!
  • Wonderful ways we can give to those in need
  • How to reach for support through The Salvation Army (which is often the hardest step)
  • How to block out the madness and enjoy Christmas for the peaceful family time it should be


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