The Family Home Guarantee: What you need to know

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So, the 2021 budget happened … and there was a nice recognition for single parents looking to buy a home with the announcement of the Family Home Guarantee.

Based on the successful First Home Loan Deposit Scheme, single parents who meet the criteria will be eligible to purchase a home with as little as a 2% deposit! And no, it doesn’t have to be their first ever home because many single parents once bought a home with their ex-partner.

So what is the criteria, who is eligible and how can having the opportunity to buy your forever home affect you and your family, now and waaaay into the future?

I get the information you need from the “man with the plan”,  Assistant Treasurer and Minister for Housing, the Hon Michael Sukkar MP, in this information-packed podcast episode.

If you are ready to buy, but are struggling with the deposit, plug in and listen … it could change your life.

The Family Home Guarantee: What you need to know

In this podcast Michael and I discuss:

  • What the Family Home Guarantee is
  • The motivation behind the scheme
  • The impact owning a home can have on single parent families
  • The eligibility criteria for the Family Home Guarantee
  • Property price threshold amounts – stay posted, they are increasing!
  • How to apply and get further information, here’s the link Michael talks about: NHFIC
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Family Home Guarantee | Beanstalk Single Mums Pinterest | Podcast

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