The difference between divorce and financial separation

Divorce and financial separation podcast


Yes, we’re heading back to that challenging time .. the part of your breakup where you have to sort out the practical, paperwork stuff .. more specifically your financial separation and your divorce.

I am not afraid to admit that when my time came I thought they were the same thing, or at least rolled into one. But THEY ARE NOT. In fact, they are quite different. And this includes when you can apply for them, and when it’s too late.

To unravel the mystery I chat to our go-to Expert Advisor for all things financial, and that (as if you didn’t know) is Belinda Etheridge from Divide – Simple Financial Separation.

Not only is Belinda a single mother who has ‘been there, done that’ but she is a fountain of knowledge around financial separation and divorce. She encourages people in DIY divorce and works with ex-couples to reach peaceful, cost effective financial settlements, which ultimately allows them to move forward and confidently communicate and co-parent.

This podcast is PACKED with information, including:

  • What is a divorce and when and how to apply for one
  • Where to go for free, excellent support with your divorce proceedings
  • What is a financial settlement, when you can apply for one .. and when is too late
  • The main steps towards a financial settlement with a successful outcome
  • Where consent orders fit in and whether we really need them
  • Emotional and financial advice for a stress-free resolution with the right results for all involved

Listen here …

The difference between separation and divorce | Beanstalk Mums Podcast

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