3 Things to consider when choosing a care provider for your pregnancy

care provider for your pregnancy

Embarking on the journey of pregnancy as a single mother? While the road may feel lonely, rest assured- you have a supportive community by your side. This article covers how to choose a care provider for your pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a long nine months, and, when navigated alone, can feel like forever. And while it takes two (or more) to create a baby, the journey to parenthood can often feel one sided.  By offering a glimpse into the world of fertility support through education, community and vitamins, moode draws attention to the narratives missing from the mainstream.

If you’re finding yourself entering parenthood alone, moode's maternal health community is here to ensure you never feel alone on the journey. Unsure of where to begin? Consider starting your journey here, with this quick guide to navigating early pregnancy, despite your relationship status.

How to select the right healthcare provider for you

First things first, it’s worth knowing your options when it comes to pregnancy care. In particular, where will you find the most support if you are navigating the journey without a partner. Knowing that many care models for pregnancy are out there may feel daunting, but in Australia, we’re lucky to have options. Some questions to consider when selecting a healthcare provider.

1. Do you have private health care, and do you plan to use it this pregnancy?

The private obstetrician model is promoted for its ability to provide continuity of doctor care throughout pregnancy. If you have a particular doctor in mind, it’s recommended to book in with them as soon as you find out you’re pregnant, to ensure you’re able to work together.

For birth, you will need to book into one of the specific hospitals from which your chosen obstetrician works and, during labour, you will usually be looked after by that hospital’s midwives until they call for your obstetrician when you are fully dilated or the baby’s head is in view. The majority of your labour care will be attended to by the hospital’s midwives.

While this model provides a sense of security and assurance in baby healthcare, consider whether the level of emotional support your obstetrician will be able to provide will be enough for you and your needs in the pregnancy.

Cost: Expect to pay around $5,000- $8,000 for pregnancy management + an initial appointment fee to your obstetrician. Depending on your level of private cover, your hospital stay may not cost anything extra.

2. What are my options in the public hospital system?

Have you considered Midwifery Group Practice (MGP)? MGP is a relatively new model of antenatal and maternity care, offered at participating public maternity hospitals. Under MGP, you’ll be assigned to a group of midwives who will support your pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum period in their continuity of care model. 

This care provider for your pregnancy model has been hailed as the ‘Gold Standard’ of maternity care in Australia, and is associated with the lowest rates of interventions and other labour complications. 

You can self-refer to MGP, but you’ll need to get the ball rolling quickly to lock this model in. Places in these programs are limited and fill up fast, with only 8% of pregnant women in Australia able to access this kind of care. If considering MGP, apply for the program as soon as you know you’re pregnant.

Cost: Free

3. Are you looking for a model that leans towards a birth support partner too? 

Whether it be a friend, family member or professional support person - it’s worth exploring your options to find the right fit for you and your family dynamic.

Did you know private midwives and doulas are trained in supporting the mother-to-be through the physical and emotional processes involved in pregnancy, labour and postpartum? Many find these carers to provide a perfect balance between clinical and emotional support.

These practitioners can be engaged as your primary care provider for your pregnancy, or as an additional support person to be present in both an at home or hospital birth, ensuring a familiar face and advocate for you is present no matter where you birth.

Cost: At the discretion of the care provider.

Want to know more about the models of care available in Australia? moode is more than a vitamin brand (although we do this really well!) We’re a wealth of reproductive health knowledge, which we’ve covered over in our Fertility Journal. Read all the details on ‘Choosing A Care Model For Your Pregnancy’ here.

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