Positive parenting programs for separated couples in Australia 2023

parenting programs for separated couples

In this article we explore positive parenting programs tailored specifically for separated couples in Australia.

Navigating co-parenting after a separation can be a complex and emotional journey. Finding the right support is crucial for the well-being of both parents and children.

The programs listed in this article offer valuable tools to navigate the challenges of co-parenting with empathy and mutual understanding. They can help if you are separated or seeking to improve an existing co-parenting arrangement.

Remember that by creating a nurturing and harmonious parenting environment you are putting your children's happiness and growth first. Which is a parenting win!

Read on for our pick of positive parenting programs for separated couples in Australia.

Triple P (Positive Parenting Program)

Possibly the most tested and studied program and resource for parenting strategies, Triple P caters to parents of kids and teens looking to reduce problem behaviours and improve parenting confidence.

For over 35 years, their programs have helped millions of parents by providing tools and ideas they can incorporate into their parenting styles.

For separated couples, parenting can feel like a daunting task to take on alone. This program can help align two separated parents' visions and goals while individually supporting them toward becoming self-assured and confident parents.

Find out more from our podcast with Triple P.

Triple P parenting programs for separated couples

Relationships Australia: Focus On Kids

Are you fresh off your separation and struggling to meet your ex halfway when co-parenting your kids? The Focus on Kids program by Relationships Australia might be the right one for you.

This course is a group workshop for separated parents facilitated in six sessions over six weeks. It is designed to help attendees learn how to reduce conflict with their exes to become better co-parents.

It is one of the parenting programs for separated couples that focuses on communication techniques and supports clients as they navigate the difficulties of separation.

Relationships Australia: Focus On Kids

Tuning in to Kids

For better or for worse, separation or divorce can be an intensely emotional and life-changing period for a former couple's children. Thankfully, evidence-based parenting programs for separated couples now exist to help parents continue being their children's primary teachers in emotional intelligence skills.

Tuning in to Kids is a suite of programs designed to teach parents and carers emotional coaching. Here, parents learn to identify, accept, validate, empathise, and support their kids as they work through different emotions and challenging situations.

There are available programs catering to the unique developmental needs of children, from toddlers to teens. Tuning in to Kids Online is also available for parents and carers with children from 0 to 12 years old.

In addition, they have programs to help dads and teachers get involved in teaching emotion coaching.

Tuning in to Kids parenting programs for separated couples

Separated Parents: Orders Training

Are you advised by the legal system to go through a parenting program to help you deal with the challenges of divorce/separation? Are you stressed out because there's no place for such a program in your demanding and hectic daily life? Reputable online parenting programs for separated couples, like Separated Parents Orders Training, are the answer.

With ten locked modules designed to help you make objective decisions focused on the best interests of your children, SPOT allows you to complete the program at home, at your own pace. The program results from extensive research and advocates for both parents' conscientious and loving involvement in the upbringing of their children.

Separated Parents: Orders Training

Parents Under Pressure

Parents Under Pressure can be considered one of the parenting programs for separated couples that directly addresses the trauma of conflict-ridden separation. With its focus on helping parents going through difficult life circumstances, it aims to help the affected children have optimal development.

The program is based on decades of research linking self-regulation skills to a child's holistic development. The goal is to help parents under immense stress and pressure due to unfortunate situations (like bankruptcy, substance misuse, or separation) manage their emotions and personal resources to become the present and nurturing parents we all need to be.

Parents Under Pressure parenting programs for separated couples

Mallee Family Care: Post Separation Cooperative Parenting

Divorce/separation is a contentious and deeply frustrating affair for many separated couples. This is why parenting programs for separated couples who can no longer communicate without conflict are important resources, especially for former partners who have just recently separated.

MFC offers a program designed explicitly for separated couples struggling to get on the same page and cannot shield their children from their conflict and differences. The program looks into its clients' situations and struggles and helps them develop applicable ways to minimise conflict and better manage the relationship with their ex as co-parents.

Mallee Family Care: Post Separation Cooperative Parenting

Australian Government: Post Separation Co-operative Parenting Program

Next on the list of parenting programs for separated couples is aimed at helping those who are in constant stressful conflict with their former partner. Designed for Australian parents by the Australian government, the Parenting Orders Program – Post Separation Co-operative Parenting Program assists in reducing constant conflict between separated or divorced parents.

As great as it sounds, this government program is not directly available to individuals. Instead, you can access it through selected local organisations that facilitate programs for families going through divorce and separation.

If you manage to get into the program, expect to receive child-focused and child-inclusive education, so you learn to focus on your children's needs instead of your hatred towards your ex.

Australian Government: Post Separation Co-operative Parenting Program parenting programs for separated couples

Better Relationships: Post Separation Parenting Course

As it mentions in its website, this parenting course does not teach people how to parent. It aims to provide practical strategies and skills adapted to separated parenting.

Unfortunately, this is not a Family Law Court-approved course, so this might not be useful if the legal system has ordered you to take parenting programs for separated couples. But if you are looking for programs providing personalised guidance with a professional counsellor, this course can be worth your while.

Although you will not get court points for enrolling in the course, it might be the supportive environment you need to gain confidence in parenting and rebuilding your life post-separation/divorce.

Better Relationships: Post Separation Parenting Course

Parenting After Separation

This organisation offers more than one course for separated couples/parents, Australia-wide.

Whether you are coming from a high conflict separation case and a subsequent court order or going through some anger management issues, this education-based institution has something to offer.

Depending on your needs, you can choose from various parenting programs for separated couples. You can find the essential co-parenting course, improving communication strategies, managing your anger, Parenting Orders Program, and even Tuning in to Kids (which I have discussed earlier).

You can also find counselling and consultation services if you need more personalised help navigating this new and challenging situation.

Parenting After Separation parenting programs for separated couples

Parenting After Separation (Relationship Matters)

The organisation behind Relationship Matters has taken the wonderful initiative to gather resources for parenting programs for separated couples. These include the previously mentioned Tuning in to Kids and Parenting After Separation.

Before enrolling in Parenting After Separation, you are required to take a one-hour intake with a qualified practitioner to help you find the best program for your case. You will then participate in a small online environment with other participants and the facilitator. The program is relatively short, with just two 3-hour sessions via Zoom. At the end of the program, you get a court-approved Completion Certificate.

RM has set up offices in every major city in Australia to offer their help and services to separated parents.

Parenting After Separation (Relationship Matters)

Parents Beyond Breakup

Last but surely not least, Parents Beyond Breakup is a charity offering parenting programs for separated couples experiencing trauma.

What sets PBB apart from the rest of the programs in this article is its commitment to reducing divorce- or separation-related mental health struggles and suicides. The charity aims to help parents find healthy coping mechanisms and skills in healing from separation-related trauma. It has programs not just for mums and dads, but also for grandparents experiencing distress from getting separated from their grandchildren.

Aside from readily available resources on the website, PBB's helpline is open seven days a week. They have also set up Facebook support groups for distressed mums, dads, and grandparents who wish to be part of an online community.

Parents Beyond Breakup parenting programs for separated couples

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