7 Tips for preparing your kids for school as a parent

Prepare kids for school

Preparing your kids for their first day of joining co-ed private schools can be daunting as a parent, especially if they’re going to their first day of preschool or kindergarten. It’s not just about getting them the right clothes or ensuring they have the right supplies like crayons and coloured pencils; it’s also about setting them up with the proper mindset for how school works so they can take full advantage of this important opportunity to learn and grow. Here are seven ways you can help prepare your kids for school as a parent.

7 Tips for preparing your kids for school as a parent

1. Talk About The New Teacher

The new teacher in your child’s classroom may not just be another adult. In fact, many schools are hiring teachers that specialise in a particular subject like art or music. Teachers with expertise in a specific area can help your child learn more about their chosen subjects and also show them how to study for tests on those subjects. This will be invaluable for parents as they prepare kids for school. Check out your school district to see if they have an expert teacher program and encourage other parents to use it when talking about preparing kids for school.

2. Talk About Homework

Kids are going to be assigned homework while they’re in school. If your kids are going to school, you should make sure they understand what that means. Kids need help to learn how to work hard and properly organise their time so they can get everything done, even when it means doing homework over breaks or on weekends. You should help them find a balance between spending time with friends and completing their work, but it is ultimately up to them. Teaching kids how to manage their time will be a major benefit as they grow up—no matter what they end up pursuing in life.

3. When To Do Homework

Schedule regular homework times – and stick to them. When should kids do their homework? It’s important that they learn to manage their time and develop a sense of responsibility by doing their work at designated times each day. Don’t hover – but be available when needed. While it can be tempting to hover over your kids while they complete their assignments, don’t give in to that temptation.

4. Give Them Snacks To Munch On

When you’re on-the-go and you can’t find a healthy snack for your kids, head to your local convenience store. Energy bars make a great on-the-go snack for kids who are heading back to school, and they don’t contain as much sugar as many cereals and crackers. To up their nutrition even more, try mixing in some dried fruit or unsalted nuts into their morning snack before they head out to school.

5.  Try And Get There Early

No matter how much traffic you think there will be, it’s always better to get to school a little early. Make sure your kids know where they’re going and what time they have to be there; most schools require that students arrive 10 minutes before class starts. Bring backpacks with everything they need for their day and remind them of any major assignments due or events coming up.

6. What To Do If They Are Scared

Feeling scared is a common reaction among kids who are starting school for the first time. These feelings are completely normal, especially if your child has never been separated from you before. If they’re having trouble coping with anxiety or fear, it’s best to stay calm and supportive while also making sure they know that they don’t have to go to school if they don’t want to.

7. Have Encouraging Words

When you talk to your kids about going to school, emphasise how great an opportunity it is for them and let them know that you’re proud of them. Letting kids know that their parents believe in them goes a long way and helps motivate them. Kids will always try to impress you, so give positive feedback whenever they do something impressive—it will encourage good behaviour in school.

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