10 Kids Valentine’s craft ideas to make with love

Kids Valentine's craft

Valentine’s Day is all about love. Typically, love between couples. It is also a great way to display love between a parent and a child. Or anyone else for that matter. Teachers, friends, family, even our beloved pets. And, as a parent who is always on the hunt for cheap child-related activities, I find it has another purpose. It’s a great opportunity to get creative with some kids Valentine’s craft ideas.

Why not spend some quality time with your children showing your adoration through art? And don’t hold back. Spread your love to anyone and everyone who deserves it. A hand-made gift of love is sure to make the day of any lucky recipient.

Oh and remember, don’t sign your Valentine’s cards. During the Victorian era this was considered unlucky. And the superstition seems to have stuck.

If you need a little inspiration, look no further than the below imaginative yet easy ideas.

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by Housing A Forest

There is always a use for those cardboard tissue rolls. Never throw them out! Hours of fun can be had stamping out hearts for a love-inspired masterpiece.

kids valentine's craft ideas | Beanstalk Mums


by How About Orange

Simplicity at its finest. Hang a few of these red curly hearts around your house for stylish yet simple decoration. You can use them like mistletoe at Christmas … as a good excuse for kissing!

Paper Heart Garland | Beanstalk Mums | kids valentine's craft ideas


by Crafty Morning

So simple yet very effective. This love-giving ladybug will make a gorgeous card cover or wall hanging for one lucky Valentine. It’s a kids Valentine’s craft idea not to be missed and a favourite every year in our house.

kids valentine's craft ideas | Beanstalk Mums


by Marin Mommies

An ingenuous idea to create Valentine’s gifts that are not only fun, but useful too. Give them out to teachers, school friends and family. They will love love love them.

Heart Shaped Crayons | Beanstalk Mums | kids valentine's craft ideas


by Crafty Morning

What could warm the heart more than this adorable owl? There’s lots of cutting and sticking fun involved to put the cutest Valentine’s question to your loved one.

Kids Valentine's Craft | Beanstalk Mums


by Teach With Me

The easiest suggestion on my list for the least crafty amongst us. This simple Valentine’s heart paper chain is easy to make and very effective for decorating your home with love.

Heart Paper Chain | Beanstalk Mums


by Crafts By Courtney

Garlands are not just for Christmas. Hang one of these fun garlands on your door this Valentine’s so everyone can see you’re spreading the love. I promise you that this is easier to make than it looks.

Kids Valentine's Craft | Beanstalk Mums

8. Paper Heart Flowers

by Easy Peasy and Fun

Here’s another easy Valentine’s craft for kids. Make some bee-u-ti-ful heart flowers out of colour paper and drinking straws.

Paper Heart Flower Craft | Beanstalk Mums

9. Candy Heart Bracelet

by Lolly Jane

We’re always down for edible crafts! My kids loved making these candy heart bracelets that taste as scrumptious as they look.

kids valentine's craft ideas | Beanstalk Mums

10. Love Bug Craft Stick

by Sunshine Whispers

Googly eyes make everything 1ox better! Try these love bug craft sticks this Valentine’s day. A bit of painting is required but the end result is so worth it.

Love Bug Craft Stick | Beanstalk Mums | kids valentine's craft ideas

I hope these kids Valentine’s craft ideas have given you some motivation to get crafty with your kids and enjoy this Valentine’s Day.

And if you struggle with Cupid’s crazy card-filled holiday check out my Valentine’s Day Survival Guide for Single Mothers.


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