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Teachers help to inspire and educate future generations. Although, they don’t always get the credit they deserve. To show your child teacher you appreciate all their hard work, consider getting them a gift. Here are some present ideas for your kid’s teacher.

1. A Reusable Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is important for your well-being. Men need about 15.5 cups of fluids and women need about 11.5 cups. These water bottles are easy to carry and eco-friendly. For teachers, who spend most of their day lecturing, it’s important to have a drink on hand.

Plus, they often have limited time in-between classes to run to the water fountain. Some bottles also keep the water colder for longer. They are offered in multiple colors or fun patterns. If you know the teacher’s favourite colour try to pick that one.

2. Candles

Candles make perfect gifts for home decorations. They come in many scents that can freshen up a room and make you feel calm. If you’re looking for a crisp scent, lime, sage or grapefruit are popular choices.

Suppose you want a floral scent, consider rose, jasmine or lavender. Also, look for candles with teacher appreciation quotes from Etsy. Your child’s teacher may even use the candle to create a cozy feeling in their classroom.

3. A Planner

This is the perfect gift for teachers with busy schedules. They can easily keep track of important dates, such as tests and meetings. Try to find ones with some blank pages, so the teacher can write down notes and reminders. The best part about the gift is it’s an affordable way to show your appreciation.

4. A Box of Chocolates

Sweets are a simple way to show your child’s teacher you care. Get the boxes that come in different assortments. Then the teacher can pick out their favourite kinds. Many boxes have a mix of both dark and white chocolate. In addition, they have different fillings, like caramel or jelly.

You can find these boxes in stores from popular brands, such as Godiva. Plus, it’s a gift they can share with their family or even the rest of the class.

5. Handwritten Thank You Cards

Personalised thank you notes are a thoughtful gift. Have your child brainstorm what to put in the card. If their handwriting is a little sloppy, you can write out the message for them. Have them share their favourite classroom memory.

Receiving positive compliments can brighten up a teacher’s day. You can even find customisable cards, from sites like Etsy and Hallmark. For example, you may be able to add a frame.

6. A Laminator

Teachers use laminators for labels and classroom decorations. The lamination keeps these strong, so they last throughout the entire year. They can also use them to laminate assignments or activities. These materials are then reusable, which can reduce paper waste. Look for laminators with a handle, making them easier to carry.

7. A Personalised Ornament

Ornaments are fun gifts for the holiday. Many people enjoy placing personalised ornaments on their trees. It’s also a thoughtful gift that shows your gratitude. You can find these gifts on sites, like Sweet Girls Boutique. They offer a trinket that says, “Born to Teach.” Consider giving the teachers these presents before winter break.

8. Special Blue Light Glasses

Teachers spend lots of time staring at computer screens. For example, they need to input grades or create lesson plans. Brands, such as LensDirect, offer glasses to protect your eyes from blue light. Overexposure to blue light can cause eye strain, blurry vision, or dry eye. It can also impact your sleep schedule.

The glasses have a yellow-tinted lens that filters out the light. In addition, they have an anti-reflective and anti-flare coating.

9. A Backpack

A backpack makes it easier for professors to carry around all their school supplies. For English teachers, their bags can quickly become filled with papers. Choose a bag made from durable material, like Nylon, and is water-resistant. In addition, try to find backpacks with multiple pockets for better organisation.

To make the gift extra special add in school supplies, such as dry erase markers and pencils. You can find customisable pencils on Etsy. Consider using the teacher’s name or class year.

10. An Elephant Shaped Desk Organiser

This unique item helps the teacher stay organised and decorate their classroom. They can use it to hold pens and pencils. The item even has a place on the end for their phone. Plus, the organiser helps free up desk space. That way the teacher can easily spread out their papers and laptop. You can shop for this gift on Amazon.

11. Hand Sanitiser

Classrooms contain many germs. If a student is sick, the teacher is likely to catch it as well. Giving the gift of hand sanitiser keeps teachers protected from bacteria. They can also use one as a classroom set to prevent the spread of germs. You can also find scented hand sanitiser from stores, like Bath and Body Works.

12. A Coffee Maker

A coffee maker is a perfect gift for anyone who gets up early during the week. The caffeine will give professors a pick me up to start the day. Also, some brands, such as Keurig, have released smart coffee machines. These automatically adjust your brewing settings, such as temperature and strength.

Best Gifts for Teachers

Giving your child’s teacher a gift shows your appreciation and can brighten their day. Finding items they can use in the classroom is more meaningful. So, here are some present ideas to add to your shopping list.

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